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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Progress reports :)

Finished the hats.  Took pictures.  Colour doesn't show well.  BUT - I played with some editing features to get a bit closer.  First shot is "as is", second is manipulated - but only in things like contrast and tone adjustments.
The yellow in the top picture looks closer to real; the green in the bottom was as close as I could get.  Think - John Deere green and yellow.... The football uniforms are actually yellow with green  - oh, wait a second...
Ok... There we go.  Now, DS requested green and yellow footballs, specifying "yellow laces".  So, that is what I did.  The fact that I now own a "pounder" ball of yellow worsted weight acrylic that I don't have a clue what I'm going to do with (Ok, so it isn't a full ball anymore, it is missing a few yards....) means that I guess I'm acquiring a "stash". 

Well, I spent 2 hours on my special project yesterday; I completed the hats and found some yarn from my sock yarn stash to make three pairs of socks for that Ravelry group I mentioned.  I just need to figure out one pattern... I have the two others ready to go.  One is a mystery knit, clues to be provided one per week for the month of January. Second is a "featured designer" - you can pick your own pattern from that designer.  Third is a pair of socks following the stated theme - flora or fauna.  I have some Durasport in Rosewood colourway that I can use.  I have yet to make a pair of socks from Durasport; normally I use it for shawls.  While I was winding this hank yesterday, I kept thinking it was a perfect colour for a shawl.... Going to have to buy a few more of these soon, so I can do just that.  (Going to try to reduce stash/current projects before buying new - going to try to tighten up the budget some around here - let's see how long that will last).  Anyway, I'm not sure what pattern to use for the theme at this time.  Have been toying with a cat's paw lace patterning on the leg... but might go with some sort of cabled design, too.  At first, I was thinking some cables in a representation of a stag's antlers, but the pink colour wouldn't work for that.  But, now I have that sort of a cable rattling around in my head... new WIM.... Anyway, thinking might do some sort of floral lace, alternating with cat's paw... cat playing in roses?  in the rosewood?  Further to the progress - didn't do as much house as I wanted.  Did wipe down bathroom, sorted a bit of bedroom, (Have I mentioned lately how I feel about laundry?  I have a basket of clean clothes to deal with) and sorted one box of stuff that used to be under the bathroom sink.  Have two more boxes to go (mostly extra shampoos and bubble bath and soaps stuff) And got nearly all the dishes caught up.  We did a fondue on Dec. 30, and the company helped with clean-up, but there were a few remnants from that; DH had deep fried shrimp and french fries on 31st, and I made stew from fondue leftover meat and carrots on 1st; so there were really not a lot of dishes, especially not a lot of pots and pans, but they hadn't been done for a bit.

So, wonder what I'll accomplish today?


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