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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Not as much as I'd hoped

I was hoping to have pictures to post, and a few other things to report.  I didn't do the housework I should have yesterday.  And I didn't accomplish as much of other things as I wanted to, either... And today is my "favourite" - laundry day.

So - first of all, I guess I should explain a bit - I referred to a "special project". That somehow is starting to sound mysterious and exciting, when it really isn't.  I just didn't want to go to a lot of detail, nor give any wrong impressions.... What it is, it's just a way for me to make a little pin money.  Didn't want to say it was a job, lest people think I have a great source of income, or that it is in any way permanent.  It is more piecework, with generous time allowance to complete... So, it really isn't anything great, but it will take me a few hours a day for the next several weeks.  So, I guess, maybe, I'll just mention it now and again from now on... But it will explain how it seems that I don't have enough hours in a day to get a lot of other things done.

Then, there is the fact that today is laundry day, so that eats some of my time and energy and good mood.

Yesterday I did end up casting on for two pairs of socks - from that Ravelry group I mentioned.  Sock knitters Anonymous.  I've done 6 rounds in two socks for the mystery sock - clue 1 is the cuff, a 21 round pattern.  I also did 12 of 20 rounds on the cuff of one sock from the featured designer.  (I don't feel like looking up the details right now, sorry, will post them with the progress pic).  While working on that one, I managed to break one of my ebony Lantern Moon needles, that I've hardly ever used!!!  Wonder if they dried out or something? I have attempted to glue it - will not be using it again before tonight, so won't know if it will work.  Hope so - if not, then I'll just sharpen the end, and have one shorter dpn than the rest.... fortunately, it was a set of five, so I can still knit the sock.... But I've gotten used to using five needles instead of four!! :(

I've also got things together ready to start or work on the other projects on the go.  Everything is gathered together - patterns, needles, yarns... I was going to take a picture of those, too, but haven't yet.

So, I really have nothing much else to report today.

Oh, I wanted to share something my son wrote.  It was his birthday yesterday, and I posted greetings to him on Facebook.  This was his response:

 34 years ago you went through pains and joy that gave me life, since then you have been there for most of my needs and alot of wants, you made my childhood great and helped me grow out of it somewhat successful, I put you through stress and made you laugh, you've always been there for me , love you mom, and with all that said IT IS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Such sweet words from a great kid :)  Made *me* feel good on *his* birthday!!

 And no pics to share, unless I share my favourite picture taken Christmas Eve...


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