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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not much again

Today is garbage day -  I decided to tie up and toss the half bag of kitchen trash, because we had a couple meat packages in there that were starting to smell... So, I use those smaller kitchen trash bags - 24 X 30 inch or something.... When I put it into that bin I was talking about - that was the only thing in the bin this week!  (Ok, so, I got two dogs and two cats - the dog stuff, I confess, didn't need to be tossed - I use one of those handled plastic grocery bags, and I didn't do the clean up a few days, because with all the melty snow, the "stuff" was too soft and mushy to pick up, and then it snowed finally, and covered most of it - plus was still snowing and blowing at the time of day yesterday I would have gone to do it, so it didn't get done.  Cat stuff - small, compact, clumping litter, bagged and tied and added to regular garbage.  Told you the other day I don't have a lot of trash)  Meat trays are not recyclable, and I used to rinse them off.  BUT - they now put in some sort of absorbant thingy, almost like a paper diaper, that soaks up whatever liquids that come from the meat (and I wonder why the meats cook up so dry?)  Anyway - used to be, that the absorbant stuff was easy to pitch out, didn't really smell bad.  Now, though, these new fangled things are thick, and they suck up everything - can't rinse them, I'd clog my drains.  No need to rinse the trays... After a day or two, these things tend to start to "ripen".  I find myself going through a lot of trash bags, because I have to tie them up and take them out so often.... Gotta get back in the habit of going to a real meat store/butcher instead of supermarket prepack stuff.

Got a good bit going on the baby blanket.  I definitely like the larger, looser stitching.  For softness and snuggly-ness.  I sort of like the smaller, tighter, more dense stitches for looks.  But, since this is to be for a baby, to be wrapped up in and stuff, I am going with the snuggle factor.   If I were to use the stitch pattern for a sweater or something else, or for an older child, I'd go with the firmer fabric.

Didn't take a picture yet, and since my entire day is running late due to an early morning "emergency" trip, I won't be taking a picture now.  I did plan to this morning, and would have.  Tomorrow.  I will for sure.  Even though tomorrow is another of those run around half the day - hair and chiro appointments.  But I'll still pop in here. :)


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