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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This date in history

Ok, so not ancient history, or even distant history.  But, two years ago on this date.  It was a Monday.

The night before, I'd been looking on some websites, for something in particular. Something special.  I didn't find what I was looking for.  So, I figured, I'd try a different route... I thought I'd drive to a particular place in my city that *might* have what I wanted... DH thought I should wait instead.  So, I said that I would see how I felt in the morning, when I was doing my errands, and take that as a sign.  The next morning, when I woke up, I felt a strong urge to not bother going to that particular place.  A few hours later, when I was getting ready to go out the door to run my usual grocery shopping errands (literally, I had my hand on the door knob), I had a sudden desire to check another store, that I knew was close to the grocery store.   So, after the groceries were bought, I went to D'Arcy's A.R.C. 

I went in, and was met by the store greeter dog, Fipper.  (on a side note, I'm wondering now if Fipper is being retired  - I don't see her anymore when I go into the store...)  I pet her while walking past the kitty rooms - Normally that would be difficult, but I was there to see if they had any border collies.  So, I resisted looking at the kitties, and headed around to where the dogs were - in kennel/rooms with windows into the store.  As I was now no longer petting Fipper, she let her feelings be known (either a thank you or don't stop) with a single bark.  Just as I reached the first window... And a dog popped up to see what the bark was about.  First, the dog looked at Fipper, then up into my eyes.  I read the information posted on the window - male, German shepherd cross, born July 2009.  Named - Delko.  I continued on - I was here to see if there was a border collie.  Looked in all the little rooms, through all the windows.  Some dogs were alert, watching.  Some were sleeping.  I went back to Delko's window.  Looked at him again.  Then went to the counter and asked, "So, what is Delko's story?"  (Ok, wasn't my first question, but anyway....)  He'd come into the shelter the end of October at three months of age with his sister and brother, and they were all given names based on characters from the TV show, CSI Miami.  Calleigh and Horatio were adopted nearly right away, but Delko had been passed over because he was shy, not very outgoing or friendly.  So, after some discussion, about adoption policies, Delko's history, and so on, I asked if I could meet him.  I was taken to a room for that purpose, and waited for them to bring the dog in.

Delko came through the door, saw me sitting on the couch, bolted across the room, jumped up onto the couch, put his head in my lap, then turned it sort of upside down to look up at me.  Love at first sight through the window - for both of us - and firmed up at that moment. 

I've always said, that things happen for a reason.  My sudden urge to go to D'Arcy's that day, the fact that Delko was passed over by so many - I know that it was a difficult three and a half months waiting for me, and I suspect his first three months of life weren't exactly the greatest either, but two years ago today was one of the best of both of our lives. 


Not my hands in these pictures - I was holding my camera, so I could take pictures to show to DH. 

Ok, so Christmas is the most recent picture I have of  him, but that's close enough :) Maybe I'll try to take a picture of him later today.



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