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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What should I write about today?

Daily progress reports getting boring?  Especially when not accompanied by pictures?  Well...

Guess I could talk about how I finally went through the boxes of stuff that had accumulated under the bathroom sink.  You know, the extra shampoos and bubble bath, the extra soaps and razors, the odds and ends that you think you should keep handy but really, all they do is take up space and get buried under the towels and such.  So, I sorted it out, and found new homes for the storage stuff, and dumped the junk.  A couple of things had to go back, but hopefully, they won't be a problem.

I did do some more rows on the baby blanket, but not as many as I'd have liked.  But I was down to the end of the ball, and it was getting tangled, so I spent nearly as much time detangling as I did crocheting.  Now I need to rip out and rewind the yarn from the first attempt, so I have enough to finish the blanket.  I have thirty repeats - Ok, I started with a row of single crochet, then a row of pattern/texture stitches (the bumps), then a row of single crochet.  To end up with a square, I counted the bumps across - 42.  I need 42 rows of bumps - so, I can't say I've done "30 rows", but that is kind of how I think of it, for some strange reason... I guess, because I am using a sort of thinking short hand, and I mean "30 rows of bumps".  Anyway - I will finish off with a row of single crochet when I have 42 bump rows.  Then, I'll start the border.  So, my point, is that I now have 30 bump rows done, so only 12 to go.  I *think* I can manage that tonight.... If I rewind this afternoon (instead of doing boxes... hm....I could still do *some* boxes...)

So, I guess that is all I can think of - oh, wait - I've been reading some library books lately, too.  Found a new-to-me series of books co-authored by Anne McCaffrey.  Unfortunately, the great lady passed away recently.  The books were co-written by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.  I'm wondering now - a lot of the recent A.McC. books have been co-authored by E.A.S., so I wonder if the latter is planning to carry on with any?  She does, after all, have a number of solo books of her own.  I kind of hope so - the books I just finished were Catalyst and Catacombs - and while the second one did end in a nice closure sort of way, there is potential for other books.... And since I enjoyed the so much, I really hope there are more!! 

Another book series that I was following via the library is one I'm way behind on.  I did enjoy it, but for a while, I guess I sort of changed interest in the genre... That is, just as I will often exclusively knit for a long period, then suddenly put the needles down in favour of a crochet hook for months on end, or pick up a latch hook or cross stitch needle or quilt fabric and sewing machine... I read a certain type of book for a while, then get bored, only to pick it up again later.  Sometimes, the spacing and timing work out - a favourite author takes a break, or something, at the same time as I need one, then a new book comes out just in time.  Right now, I'm waiting on a book that will be published in February - Amber Benson's Death's Daughter series latest.  I really want to read that as soon as I can get it into my hot little paws... Been "too long" since the last one ;)  In the meantime, I have a Joe Grey book that I could read - but I'm not quite ready for that one yet.   I could/should/is on the to do list sort out what books I've bought from that series I'm behind in.  Started out reading Midnight Louie books via the library.  For a variety of reasons, all of which are to support the author, I swore that when I could, I would buy the books, even if only in paperback.  Well, I started doing that - but ended up with a couple out of order - so I need to take the time to make sure that I have a list of what I have/still need to get, and start filling in the gaps. 

Even though that is an organizing job that needs to be done as a part of the overall whole, I always feel guilty if I attempt to do it - because it is for my pleasure as well.... and seems less visible or noticeable in the overall picture... Then again, sorting the junk that was in the bathroom cupboard wasn't/isn't exactly "in your face" either -  Ah, heck, maybe that is what I'll do this afternoon - sort a couple boxes, rewind some yarn, and check what books I have...


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