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Monday, January 16, 2012

Progressing nicely!

The blanket is coming along.  Got way past the half way mark.  Didn't take a picture yet, though.  Might wait a while....  But, at this rate, it should be done fairly soon.  Once I get the piece squared up, I'll add a border made up of double crochet post stitches in white. Then, a fast wash and dry, then wrap it up!

This morning has been a bit interesting.  I suspected we had a mouse in the house.  And yesterday, DH thought maybe Lady had found one.  Well, we do - and it was under the fridge.  But, moved from there. So, just a short few minutes ago, we had a bit of "excitement" while one of the cats and one of the dogs (Mica and Lady) tried to capture it.  They didn't succeed, and it is now back under the fridge.  :(

So - that is my rather short post for today!  See you again tomorrow. :)


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