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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making footway

I know, the normal phrase is making headway.  But, this is more appropriate.  Besides, if I am being silly, then it is a good sign that I'm in a much better mood than I've been in lately. :)

I haven't taken pictures yet; too early in the day. BUT - I did a few more rounds on the Hermione socks.  Put my hand in and stretched it out.  Yes, the little purl bumps do show better now that there are more of them.  Still not perfect, but I kind of like it anyway.  First off, it is mindless enough to watch TV while doing them, but interesting enough not to be just another plain vanilla sock.  Now, if only the needles weren't such junk...

Knitted several more rounds on the toe-up Woolie Wellies.  Definitely won't be finished them - worsted weight knitting to a tighter gauge is hard on the hands.  But, they are coming along nicely. I didn't get the cast on perfect - if you look close you can see some imperfections, but as I said yesterday, that sort of thing will come with practice and besides, these are a good first effort.  Keepers.

Made a bunch of progress in the craft room.  I cleared up a bunch of floor space, so I can actually work inside the room, instead of just from the doorway. :)  See?  Footway.... first talking about socks, and now floor space.  :-D  Today, I made it pretty much all the way to the back wall - though not on the floor.  But took down some of the piles all the way to the back.  Now, the piles on one side of the room are only about knee to hip height.  This is mostly the area where I threw things one time when I was in full frustration - the two cats were helping me in excess one day - so that no matter where I turned, or what I tried to pick up or sort out or put down, there was a cat right there.  I got so mad, I just threw the boxes back into the room, not caring which way they landed - of course, mostly upside down.  That is why the room became such a disaster - reminiscent of those TV shows.  Wish I had the help they get, though.  Could use some help in the how to organize department, and some of the muscle - I really do get tired fast.  If it weren't for passing physicals from the doc with flying colours, I'd think it was something else.  I'm pretty sure it is just the physical exhaustion and lack of general exercise that comes with long term depression.  Which, based on the title of this post, I'm really doing well at being on the mend from. 

Today, this morning, I've already spent a whack of time in the room.  Oh, right, I kind of said that... Anyway, I found.... The pattern booklet I mentioned a few posts back.  It is called "Lullaby Layettes" and is a Leisure Arts Publication. :)  I read the directions for "Bubbles".  I was not that far off in the memory - sc, dc, dtr.  But I would never have remembered the other details - which stitch to start or end with, how many chains/rows, etc.  And, mine is so far different as a result, that I have no qualms about posting the pattern here :)  Just need to retype the directions a little bit.

Yesterday, also continuing with the foot theme... I did something stupid.  Dropped a chair on my foot.  I needed to look into one of the top cupboards - not the one that might fall, one of the others.  I keep the dog treats in this particular cupboard.  So, I took the chair over, climbed up, and looked in the back corners trying to see if I had any chew sticks or pig ears for the dogs.  Found none.  So, I went to put the chair back... Trying to make sure I didn't trip over the dog, I misjudged distance, and smacked my hand between the chair and table, dropping the chair.  Right on my foot.  I have nice heavy wood chairs in the kitchen...

So there was some concern that I might have managed to break my foot.  Which I was not looking forward to as a possibility - hours this morning getting x-rays, cast for 6 to 8 weeks, no driving!!!!!!  The foot swelled  up a fair bit - I had a big soft lump on top of it.  And the pain was excruciating.  After a while, though, I tried putting on some weight, and I tried wiggling and bending all my toes.  And gently probed under the puffiness to see if I could feel anything wrong.  Aside from a lot of limping and a fair amount of pain last night, though, it seems to be fine today.  Only a slight puffiness this morning, and no more pain at all.  PHEW!!!

Finally - when I got up this morning, and was stepping into the bathroom, my foot brushed against something.  Something rubbery.  Despite it being first thing in the morning, and my brain usually doesn't start functioning properly for at least an hour (I can do some things, but don't ask me to do math too early in the morning) I figured out what it was in a matter of seconds.  You ever see the inside of a tennis ball?  I have - far more frequently than I want to.... Sure, Bear used to kill them during play - they only last so long.  Especially if you buy the really cheap ones.  But Delko - much as he loves to play ball, a tennis ball doesn't last too long.  And Lady likes to chew on them, too.  But what is cute, is that the two dogs will play with one ball - each carrying half the ball, cheek to cheek.  I keep trying to get a good picture or video of them doing that, and I will one day.  But Lady started it - not sure if it helps that she's missing a tooth, but she'll manipulate a ball in her mouth so that half of it is sticking out the side, which Delko then grabs onto.  Amazing strength in those jaws!  They even play tug-o-war like that!

Anyway, this Christmas, I got them two toys, that I thought would survive them.  One, a non-stuffed soft toy.  Unfortunately, it still did have a squeaker in it.   Otherwise, it was like strips of fabric tied and braided, and sort of resembled a lizard.  Made by the Kong dog toy people.  Delko murdered the squeaker within a week  - which also meant murdering the head of the toy.  One morning, I found a foot at the bottom of the stairs.  I'm not sure if it is somewhere in the house or out in the yard - but it basically didn't make it to New Year's.  The other toy - also made by Kong, was a cool double tennis ball.  Looks, or should I say looked, sort of like a small "dumb bell" weight lifting thing.  Ball on each end, square part in the middle.  What I didn't know for a few days after Christmas, was that it squeaked. If it weren't for that, it would have been a perfect gift.  They got a lot of use out of that toy - they could both carry it, fight over it, bring it to be thrown for them - they brought it in the house with them, took it outside to play with.... Loved it.  Last night, it came in with them.  Went out in the middle of the night, and came back in again.  This morning - It now has a tennis ball on one end, and a square part in the middle.  And there are rubbery bits all over the house, and bits of chartreuse fuzzy fabric everywhere.  And it doesn't squeak anymore.  And it is one month since Christmas.  A new record for Delko.

I plan to take a picture of it - but it seems to have been left outside again.... I'll take a picture of that, and of the socks I've been working on.  No, you can't see the craft room yet.  You may get to see the foot, though.  I might put a sock on it to take a picture.


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