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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Accomplishments and disappointments

I'm disappointed that I never quite made it to the craft room yesterday.  But, what I did do, was to organize the pantry cupboard.  And got some excess stuff off my kitchen table.  Last time I cleaned that cupboard, I ended up with some leftovers that just didn't go back in.  I put them on the table until I could figure out where else to keep them.  Worked around, shuffled them back and forth... Well, finally, I cleared the cupboard and not only fit everything back in, but also ended up with a bit of leftover room :)  Now, all I have to do, is use up some of the stuff that I really don't need (I was surprised at how much cocoa I own! - but when you can't find it, and need it, so keep buying more...) and I'll have even more space. :)  I'm also thinking of downsizing some more of the dishes I have - like casserole dishes. I already gave several to DS and family.  Now I have to decide if I really still need the ones I didn't want to part with.  I mean, I've got three glass 8 by 13 type dishes - Ok, one is smaller than 8 by 13.  One was a wedding gift from DH's late aunt.  One came from my mother with a bacon cooking rack for the microwave that fit into it.  I really only need to keep two of the three... Just need to decide which to let go... keeping the smaller one, but of the other two - one fits the bacon cooker better than the other, but the other was a gift... Ug.  I hate that feeling, that you *must* keep something just because it was a gift...

Ah!  Of course.... I could give the gift one to DS.  Solves *my* issue - it will stay in the family.  Doesn't put the same strings on it for him, because I tell him that he has first refusal in case he can use it, before I give to thrift store charity... So, he doesn't have to take on the baggage like I do.  Anyway - that is why I wish there were someone here to keep me company while I do things... so I can think out loud about what to do with some stuff, and help me sort it all out in my mind.

As for the blanket - finished the border rounds.  Am now doing the reverse single crochet.  Yes, now, while I think of what to write next ;)  It will be so nice to have this finished.  Then next laundry day I can wash it, wrap it, and DH can take it to work.  I've heard that the daddy is now off work, because he took his wife in to the hospital - he'll be gone a week or two.  So - when he comes back, DH can give him the gift.  Timing is not too bad at all.  :)

I wonder if I can get all four pair of socks finished in the next week?  Well, I do have ten days... two of them are being knit two at a time - so I should be able to pull it off.... Maybe.  I'm going to try...

And, today being Saturday, don't know how much work I'll get done on the house.  Tend to be lazy on weekends.... But, I really should try to do that other cupboard with all the heavy stuff in it.  There are a lot of microwave safe dishes, and some extras of glasses and fancy serving dishes in there.  Heavy, highly breakable... and DH thinks we might be able to reinforce the cupboard some, so it doesn't fall down.  But we'd need to empty it first anyway... so maybe we'll get around to doing that today or tomorrow, then I can sort and maybe not put stuff back in.  Just that if I don't, I'm not sure where else to put it all.... hmmm....

Oh, and I'll take/share pics of the baby blanket when I've finished washing it, just before I wrap it.  So you won't get to see it for a couple days. 

And I'll try to get some sock knitting done, and then I can post progress pictures, too.


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