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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TV made me late...

I had to watch a TV show via computer this morning.  Among my favourite new shows this year is Once Upon A Time.  It's one that kind of needs to be watched in order to make proper sense of it.  I set up my PVR to record it, so I won't miss one.  See, one of the things that is particularly annoying, is since this past fall, when new shows and new seasons of shows started, is that some of them have been bounced around the schedule or line-up.  So, just because a show is on Sunday this week, it might be on Wednesday the next.  Or, two episodes shown on two days back to back - Sunday and Monday.  And I won't even talk about the timing - sometimes it will be on at 7, sometimes 10.  Using the PVR means less chance of missing something.  Another thing they did, was to advertise a new show, but wait until nearly December before airing it.  Or putting on the pilot, then waiting another month before the next episode - then rerunning the pilot on another night/time... Totally messed up.

So, why did I have to watch one by computer?  Because of the NFL.  Now, don't get me wrong - I do enjoy football - both CFL and NFL.  And I get it that sometimes the games run overtime.  Especially this close to the end of season.  But - instead of taping recording Once Upon A Time, I ended up recording A Very Stupid Show That Is A Waste Of Time.  (I keep thinking in terms of taping, but I guess really I should learn to say recording, since tape is no longer involved...)

The other problem with watching via computer - you can't fast forward through the commercials.  :P

Anyway - in case anyone shares my interests, the TV shows that I enjoy:  Once Upon a Time (I know, I'm repeating it), Grimm, Pan Am, Criminal Minds, (what the heck happened to Criminal Minds Suspect Behaviour?) Blue Bloods, Flashpoint, Hawaii Five-O, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, and The Big Bang Theory.  There are a few other shows that if they come on, I'll watch - but if there is something better or I forget or miss them, I'm not upset.  The ones I listed are the ones for mindless knitting or crocheting - the rest I can do the more difficult patterns :)  I can do medium concentration patterns during reruns of BBT, but I still find myself laughing at the jokes, even though I've seen/heard them before.  And sometimes, you just have to watch the expressions on Penny and Sheldon's faces.

So.  I didn't take a picture yet, but last night I ripped out the toe up socks.  And I restarted them without a knot.  The directions from on Judy's Magic Cast On starts with a knot, but she rewrote it without a knot here.  First time, I somehow lost a stitch in the set up row, so I had to try it again.  Good thing is, that I'm getting good at it. :)  I'll still need to follow the tutorials for a few more tries, though.  Since I'm not likely to use it as often as most other cast on methods.  Anyway, I finally got the socks going, and did the increases until it would fit my foot (not sure why it would have been way too small for me if I'd followed the pattern numbers... but that is the beauty of a toe-up sock, you make it to fit.)  and have done a few rounds even.  I might take the picture later today - or wait until I have even more done on it.  I can't share the pattern - it is posted in a Yahoo Group - Six Sox Knitalong - and at the end of this month, the pattern may or may not be taken down by the designer to offer for free or sale.  Or, it may, as some patterns have, stay in the group files indefinitely, for anyone in the group to make as often as they like.  This pattern is called Woolie Wellies and are a "boot sock" done in a worsted or heavy weight sock yarn.  The group, for those who aren't sure, is a knit along group that does six sock patterns in a year - two months per.  I'm not sure exactly what month the group started, but the new pattern will be posted February 1, then two months later, April 1, the next pattern will begin.  There are contests, too - if you post one progress picture and one completed picture in the appropriate folders as per instructions, and during the two month period for that sock, your name goes into a draw.  I won one once, and have sponsored a couple of draws since then.  So, there is no way that I am going to be finished these socks in time for the current draw.  But that is OK.  Like I said, I did win once already :)  And of course, I'm not going to get the other socks done, either.  Oh, well - I guess I'll just have to keep the same goals for next month.

Now, I best get off here, and get going on the craft room!! 


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