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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little bit of sock progress then regress.

I did a bunch of rounds on one sock.  Then, I ripped four of them back out. 

I am working on a new design, and I thought I could try something, but didn't like how it was turning out.  So, rip rip!  Now I have to try something else instead.  I am pretty sure I'll be happier with it.

Otherwise - has been a non-progressive weekend.  I did so very little - I tried starting on the cupboards; took some things out, then put them back, since I really don't have anywhere to put the stuff right now.  I really hate climbing up on a chair or ladder, then getting down with one thing or two in my hand, putting them down, climbing up, getting one or two things, climbing down, etc.  My knees can't take it.  And then I get frustrated again and again and again.  I must admit, right now, I'm frustrated by everything to the point of tears.  They are hovering just behind the eyelids right now. 

I just looked out the window - thought I saw a blowing leaf coming across the neighbour's yard toward our fence - realized it was a little mouse.  Now it is running through our yard... Too fast for me to go grab a camera and try to take any kind of picture or video. 

Ok, so aside from little things like that - I mean, I was just collecting my next thought into a sentence to type when I was interrupted by the mouse.   What I was going to say, was that I am just about to a point of wanting to walk away from this house and never come back.  Except of course that I like what is inside the house - the dogs, the cats, the kitty collection, my craft stuff... most of my clothes.... I have bought clothes lately - dressy clothes for when I was working, under clothes because I needed them.  But my everyday clothes are wearing out - and I don't want to ruing the dressy stuff, in case I get to work again.  I was lucky to have a couple outfits I could wear the first time, and only worked part time, so I could build the wardrobe.  I don't know if I'll have that type of luxury again - so I don't want to wreck the good stuff.  But I'm seriously running out of things to wear around the house...

And I'm seriously not happy around the house anyway.

Wonder if it is time to go back to the councellor?  I don't *feel* depressed - just frustrated.  I need help with setting priorities... Not sure councelling is the way to go for that.  I've taken some seminar/classes in time management.  I just can't seem to figure out how to deal with everything being a priority one thing - I'm too overwhelmed...

Screw it.  I've got socks to knit.  The house can rot for all I care. 


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