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Friday, January 27, 2012

shopping today

So, I went and did a bit of shopping today.  Had a bit of extra money, so I ordered a couple of books. Chapters, my local book store, used to have a thing where you could ask about a book that had a publishing date set, but wasn't yet available - a pre-order thing - and they would put a copy aside for you when they came in.  As well as a system where you could order books that were published, but not in that particular store, and have them shipped for free.  You could also access your personal account/wish list from that system.  Well, they upgraded the system, and you couldn't access your wishlist anymore.  Also, if you wanted to do a pre-order, you had to pay in advance by credit card and pay for shipping.  Well, turns out, that they now let you do pre-orders and free ship to store now, and pay by cash if you want.  :)  So, I ordered Amber Benson's How to be Death :)  I can hardly wait!!

I also ordered a book called "Crafting with Cat Hair".  Heaven knows I have enough of that around!!  I also picked up a few magazines.  Two issues of Spin Off, and one of Wild Fibers. 

No new knitting to report, but I did crochet several more rows on the afghan.  No pics yet.

Cute doggy story:  Background - the dogs knock on the door when they want to come in.  Some dogs bark to be let in; I'm glad mine don't.  That can get aggravating, when you are stuck in the bathroom at the wrong moment, or something like that... Anyway, I also (which you may or may not be able to tell from some of the pictures I've shared) have my laptop living in the kitchen, and I sit in front of the kitchen window while doing whatever on the computer.  Which is why I can talk about things like that mouse in the yard the other day, plus it really helps because the window faces south, and I get lots of sunshine when it isn't cloudy - important for a sufferer of S.A.D.  So, this morning, on another great day of mild winter weather, the dogs were outside in the yard doing what they do.  I guess, as it turned out, Lady was laying in front of the door, soaking up the sunshine, and Delko wanted to come back into the house.  Of course, he couldn't scratch at the door, so instead - - he popped up in the window to look at me!! :)  His way of getting my attention!  Not the first time he's done that.  Sometimes, I know they are knocking on the door when I'm stuck in the bathroom as I mentioned above, and I can tell by the sound that he checks at the window... or if I'm on my way to the door after being delayed, he'll be just popping into the window to see if I'm there. Smart dog.  Or smart @ss dog ;)

Ok.  That's it for today.  Hopefully, I'll do some pictures tomorrow.


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