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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Didn't do pics. Did do chore.

So, two weeks ago, we had a cold snap in our mild winter.  Really, so far, this winter has been nothing to complain about.  Normally, January has nasty cold temps, with a cold snap in the forty below range.  This year - the cold snap was in the normal 20 below range.  (I'm talking celsius, here.  Normally would convert, but let's just say - water freezes at 0, forty below is the same whether it is C or F, so twenty below is about half-way to incredibly cold).  The worst thing about that cold snap - I didn't make it outside to clean up the yard (remember, I have two dogs) or to play with the doggies.  They do miss their play sessions.  We used to play with Bear in the house in bad weather. Not bad if you only have one dog fetching things.  But these two - just a little too big to be running after or play-fighting over a ball in the house.  That was the other good thing about Bear - he liked to play with stuffed toys, and he loved the squeak.  Delko hates squeaky toys, and must Kill The Squeaker.  Both he and Lady also love to gut stuffed toys.  About the only one that has survived, was an unstuffed racoon I bought for Bear a few years ago.  So, basically, there isn't an indoor safe toy for these guys.  Well, they do have various pieces of stuffed toys that had been dismembered.  Now and again, I'll find a piece of fabric on the floor, and wonder what it came from - then recognize an embroidered eye or a piece of foot...

Anyway, this week was warmer, and snow was again melting.  But we had wind.  And I had other things to catch up on.  So, I still didn't make it outside with them.  Today, though - it was/is a pleasant day.  Not too far below zero, no wind, lots of sunshine.  I took a couple of plastic bags outside, and the kids found some of their balls for me to throw.  They were pretty good about waiting while I did the yard - but I couldn't make them wait until I'd done the whole thing - so I took frequent breaks (better for my back that way, too) and threw a ball for them.  All in all, it took me 45 minutes to get the yard caught up, and I spent another 15 outside with them getting my undivided attention. 

So, I didn't spend time getting the pictures done on the computer.  I spent it doing other things instead.  Had an errand to do, that sort of thing.  Now, I guess I should do some dishes and spend time in the room.  Oh, that reminds me - I was talking about TV shows I like the other day - somehow managed to forget another of the new-but-bounced-around shows.  Terra Nova.  I really enjoy that one - but I'm worried that it might end up like so many other good shows, and getting an early chop... I really hope not.  But they did, after all, cut two other shows I liked from last year - Sh*t My Dad Says was a good show - one of the better sitcoms to come along in a while.  And Criminal Minds Suspect Behaviour.  Don't know why that one died...

And speaking of buying books... There is a book that I often get from the library, because I do like several patterns in it.  I am embarrassed to admit - when I was clearing the room the day before yesterday, I found the book - brand new condition - underneath some stuff.  I honestly don't recall having bought it before.  Fortunately, I haven't bought a second copy of it!!  I also normally remember buying most things, especially something like this.  I must have bought it, then it must have gotten covered up before I really had chance to look it over and make mental notes on it.  The book is Debbie Bliss Toy Knits. Heck, I don't even remember where I bought it!!  Had to have been from the book store, though. 

I do like to buy books to support authors, when I can.  And designers.  I do have a limited budget, so can't buy all the books I would like to.  That also wouldn't be practical.  There is only so much room for books in this house, and I can only read so many... I've been slowly weeding out the ones I've collected over the years from yard sales and such.  Ones that I know I'll never get around to reading, or that I have read and won't likely read again.  I do have a few books that I don't mind reading over and over.  And some that I'm collecting as a set.  But for the most part, I'll read library books, and I'll check out pattern books at the library.  Sometimes, it just isn't worth the price of a book if I only want one or two patterns - other times, the books are filled with valuable information and/or several patterns I know I would love to make, so those I try to buy when I get a little extra money.  Recent purchases include the reprint/updated versions of Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting, and Encyclopedia of Crochet.  Hard to keep getting them from the library when I need them.  I have both now, and I know I'll use them.  In fact, one of my "New Year's Resolutions" was to practice and get familiar with a colour work method in Encl. of Knitting.  I still need to do that...

But at least I'm keeping up with posting to my blog daily.  :)  Nearly a whole month, and even though there were some close ones, I've managed to post every day!  Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it, and you have no one else to talk to ;)  Of course, this isn't getting my dishes or my craft room done, so I'm off - talk again tomorrow!


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