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Monday, February 06, 2012


I find it strange.  When I publish my post, I get a screen with the last however many posts listed in a column, and there are other columns with date, time, how many comments, how many views... For the last month, there have been no comments (fine) and no views.  Huh.  Well, I mean, I am doing the blog for me. But, I know that some people tell me that they do read it.  So, why is it telling me no views?  And, what is more strange - Back when the blog was in its infancy, I found one of those hit counter places and things to put on the blog. Of course, that does register if *I* look at my own blog - it doesn't distinguish.  And, it gives me a report every week to my email.  According to that report (which I usually don't bother to read most weeks, I just save them) for the past week, there have been a lot of views on my blog.  Yes, I did look at it myself a couple times, but not 15!!!  So, now I don't know if anyone really is reading every day or not!

Again, it doesn't matter that much, just leaves me more confused about how all this stuff works...

Anyway - I'm working on the socks.  Yeah, I know - which ones?  I did several rounds on the mystery sock.  And I did some of the gusset increases on the toe up sock. I'm nervous about that one - I may have done too many rounds before starting the gusset.  Being new to the whole toe up thing.  It did take me a few pair of socks to know when to start decreasing for the toe when I first started knitting cuff down socks.  Now I pretty much know that like the back of my foot.  (being silly - phrase is "like the back of my hand")  I also haven't knit more on the Hermione socks.  I rushed some of my posts this weekend, to be honest.  I didn't really talk much about the Brittany needles.  I do like the needle; feels nice just like bamboo needles.  Doesn't seem to have as much drag as the bamboo, but isn't slippery.  And they are shorter - 5 inches instead of the usual 6.  THAT I really notice.  I'm not sure I like the shorter length.  Pokes the heel of my hand. Not happy about that bit... May need to practice and try adjusting the way I hold them.  Or something... Because other wise I like them just fine.  Oh, and I have 16 more ends to work in on the blanket.

I think I've come to a conclusion about the house.  If I don't clean it, we never really have company, because the house isn't clean enough. If I clean it, we never really have company anyway, because the house isn't big enough.   So, why am I wasting my time agonizing over the house and whether or not I can get it up to some arbitrary standard, when it doesn't make a bit of difference?  Why should I keep getting frustrated, stressed, depressed, etc. instead of just deciding, the Hell with it all, no guilt, I'm gonna do what makes me happy.  Sure, sometimes that might be cleaning or organizing, but if I don't do any, if instead I decide to knit or crochet, and watch a movie I recorded that I never seem to find time to watch otherwise, then who really cares?  I don't - and I can't see anyone else caring either, since no one ever comes here.

The worst part about no one coming here (besides me feeling very lonely) is that my dogs aren't getting socialized much.  So, when someone does come, (Ok, yes, there are rare times that someone comes) Delko is reverting back to his shyness and fear of strangers, and Lady just gets very excited.  I've been working on that for training, but it is kind of hard when you don't get the opportunity for the situation to present itself to work on the behaviour....

In the meantime, since she is doing so well at playing, and since praise is such an effective reward for these two dogs now, I'm working on some other training issues with them.  Lady's dominance is really hanging on; she's asserting it with her reactions to recall training.  As in, when I tell her to come, or call her by name, she acknowledges that she has heard me, but takes her time responding.  Like, she'll come when she is ready...  I'm also trying to get her to learn to stop barking after a reasonable time - like, you want your dog to bark some when a stranger is near, but not to keep barking when they've gone half way down the street! 

Training a dog requires a great deal of consistency - which is another reason housework is welcome to take a back seat right now.  How can I get a dog to stop barking, if it takes me five minutes to stop what I'm doing, put away any soap/chemicals, rinse/dry my hands, go to the door... by then, she's quiet anyway!  So, I can't get involved too deeply in a job that I can't stop quickly to deal with other stuff.

I also need to get busy writing up that document!!!!!!!!  MUST DO!!

Now, I need to go take some pictures of some socks, so I can share them tomorrow :)


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