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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinterest Plus

Cool website, that Pinterest.  Great way to keep or save pictures that inspire me from around the web.  And some of the cute animal pictures.  Saving a ton of hard drive space, too.  :)  If you want to check me and my picture collections out, I'm here.

 So what prompted me to talk about it this morning?  Well.... this picture:  I've tried to take pictures like this of the moon, but have never had that kind of success.  I have this ugly old tree in my front yard.  I hate it - it's a pain to maintain, and I can only imagine what the roots are doing the foundation of the house and the sewer and water pipes, and I don't even want to think about the gas line.  Anyway, about the only time I can appreciate it, is when the moon happens to be in the right place in the sky, that I can see it through the nasty twisted branches at the top of the tree from my back door.  (well, outside the back door - not by looking through the door.  Usually notice it when I come home from driving DH to work in the early morning)

Colour me jealous....

I didn't quite finish the afghan last night like I thought I would.  TV (news, NCIS LA x 2, Hawaii 5-0)was a bit too interesting, making me crochet just a little slower.  I was afraid it might not be big enough, back when I started it.  But, it is almost there now!  And I still have some repeats to make - two more white sections, and one more red.  I'll see how much white I have left at the end, and maybe do a fast border of single crochet.  Thing is, when I do stripes, I don't like doing a border along the sides in one of the colours.  I don't like the look.  BUT - I think the bottom edge needs a little something more.  Maybe what I'll do, is a single crochet edge (or maybe even a reverse single crochet - I do like that effect) to end off the top, then go back and do one across the bottom.  Just leave the sides as is.  Yeah, that's what I'll do. 

Then I can take a picture!  And get busy knitting socks. 


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