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Monday, January 30, 2012

Afghan nearly done

I started on the last ball of the red variegated.  By rough estimate, that means I have about 32 more rows to do, then I can decide if I want to run an edge around the whole thing, or just weave in ends.  I'm really liking how it is turning out - both for looks and for size. 

Then, when that is done, I am going to tackle some of those socks again.  Really need to get them done.  And I really also need to get off my butt and do that cape.  I also really need to get going on that craft room.  I start to make some progress, then I get wrapped up in looking at everything.  I need to just box it all up, and stack the boxes out of the way, so I can get some sort of shelves or other organizational stuff going.  Really - I did have a desk that I used as a sewing table, but it was my son's desk, and he wanted it... so I had to give it up.  Bought myself a used desk from a thrift store, but somehow, it never made it upstairs - became a spare desk desk.  I do have one shelf unit - an old metal type book shelf from the late '60's early '70's.  Not very wide, and only three shelves.  Good for books, but not a lot, as it isn't very strong.  And I have an ironing board.  Oh, and a chair.  So - you can see how there aren't many options for organizing the room.  Originally, I was going to use plastic tubs and sturdy cardboard boxes, marked... Well, that meant, of course, that I started piling boxes into the room - and instead of putting things into proper boxes, I would "temporarily" put bags of stuff in the room, then a few loose items, then a pile of books (because I couldn't get to the book case) and so on, until it became the mess it is.  Now, I'm faced with emptying it, sorting it all out, getting rid of the things I know I won't use, finishing the projects that are half done, and seeing where I'm at with everything else.  For the most part, I haven't really come across a lot of things I didn't know I had - yes, I mentioned a book the other day - but mostly it is a case of I knew I had the stuff, but I admit I lost track of where it was.  Like, in which corner it had been put, pushed, thrown, etc.  I also hadn't realized just how much crochet thread I'd picked up over the years from the thrift store... I had a pretty good idea about most of the other yarn I have; run into the odd ball that must have been in a bag inherited or given to me by someone along the way (some of my friends/acquaintances know I knit and crochet, and would often give me stuff from a parent or grandparent, or an abandoned project - fortunately, not too many of those!).  Those balls I may keep or may pass on to someone else who can make good use of it.

Anyway - there is my confession for the day - I have a problem, and I admit it.  I have more yarn than I can store, and I am not willing to give it all up!!  I will give up some - I have to.  But not all of it!! I plan on living for a lot more years, and I didn't buy a lot of that yarn and those patterns (or save free patterns etc.) unless I liked them and wanted them.  But, since I was given a lot, or bought a bag of assorted yarns from the thrift store that came with yarns I could take or leave in with the balls I wanted for whatever purpose, I am sure I can pass on some of the yarns I really don't care for - colour is usually the deciding factor - or I can just get going on working on some scrap yarn afghans.  Knitting various rows or squares, crocheting granny squares, and using whatever leftovers then joining into a blanket later.  Or, maybe get back into doing some of the graph afghans, and using up some colours that way.

I mean, even if I end up with an excess of afghans - I can always donate the finished ones to some of the animal shelters or homeless shelters.  Heck, I could even whip up some pairs of mittens for the homeless...

For now, though - Time to get off this machine, and on with housework and a couple small errands.


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