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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I'm running out of them!!!  Every  so often, a random thought will pop into my head, and I think, Oh, good - blog fodder.  Then, when I sit down to blog - darned if I can remember what that random thought was, or what else I may have thought would be good to blog about. 

I mean, this blog was supposed to be more than just a running commentary of my craft projects, though that was one of the main reasons I started a blog.  And to share pics of my critters, which was not always appreciated on some of the craft email groups I was/am on.  Some of them like to stay "on topic" only.  Which is fine - often that is exactly what I want or need at any given moment. But, as a multicrafter, I can't always participate in a discussion on a crochet group if all I am doing at the time is knitting.  So, I started the blog, so I could share what I wanted, and those other crocheters who wanted to see what I was knitting could come at their own convenience, without disturbing the ones who are not interested.

So, the three main purposes were - sharing craft stuff, sharing critter stuff, and spouting off about whatever I felt a need to offer an opinion on.  Surprisingly, over the years, there hasn't been a lot of spouting off.  More so in the last month, since I've been trying to post daily.  And I don't always have craft news.  But, this morning... I'm struggling.

I guess among the things I was thinking about sharing - I wrapped the baby gift finally.  It wasn't quite a rush to do, since the new daddy had taken time off work, so it couldn't be delivered anyway. 

Last night, when I sent the dogs for bed time puddles, it was quite foggy out.  So no surprise this morning to see a lot of hoar frost.  Must still be foggy, though, somewhat - I could hear the planes taking off or coming in for landing, but couldn't see them.  I live close to the airport, and not far off the trajectory for one of the runways. 

Mild temperatures are still with us - going above freezing today for the high.  Way different than the weather 53 years ago.  My mother always told me that the night of February 1 that winter was the coldest it had been all winter.  Why do I know that and remember it?  Because, my father had to take her into the hospital during that night, so I could be born around 7 am on the 2nd.

This is becoming a short post, 'cause I'm already running out of things to say.  I guess, though, since it *is* the first, I should set my month goals officially:
Craft - finish off the last of the crocheted afghan - completed last of the red variegated last night, with about two feet of yarn tail left!  One more white section, then the finishing details to do.
Finish the toe up socks in worsted yarn for Six Sox group
Finish the January mystery socks
Finish the flora fauna socks that I'm designing
Finish the Hermione socks
Work on the two colour socks that are on hold
Work on the celtic KAL piece that I need one more repeat for.
Write up and post the baby blanket pattern
Start the new Six Sox socks.  Yes, it calls to me.
Either get off my butt and start practicing spinning, or needlefelting, or one of the other skills I promised myself to build this year.  (I did NOT try anything new in January - oh, wait, not totally true.  I worked on the toe-up cast on)
Get the copper dye project done.

House - Get the craft room finished!  Must do, before spring thaws.  MUST DO. 

And work on that special project and get it out of my hair.

So - lofty goals? Especially for a short month?  maybe...

Oh, and we're going out for dinner on the 18th for the fundraiser.

Hopefully, I'll smarten up, and maybe start jotting down or otherwise noting some of those random thoughts and blog ideas....


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