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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Learning to read

Well, at least, learning to pay attention to what I read.  Though, DH did the same thing. 

The other day, we looked up on our search feature on the TV guide thing (the onscreen one, not a paper version) to see when that Walking Dead show would be on.  It said, Sat (date) then the times followed.  Well, there we were, settling in to watch - and in the time before 7 pm, I decided to do a fast check if there were going to be some movies or whatever, and to check what channel I would be changing to for the Walking Dead.  I was very surprised to see it wasn't on.... I used the search button again, and discovered.... Sat 2/11. 

So, next weekend, we'll be watching....

I worked on the Hermione socks, though.  Got the leg done.  Watching Jurassic Park.  And, I worked in four ends - so I have 22 ends to go on the afghan. 

No pics to show, though.

Tonight - I'm not sure whether to work on the heel of Hermione, the mystery sock, or the green socks.  Maybe I'll dig out the stuff I need to do that cape.  I'm not sure yet what mood I'll be in.  I really want to finish off the socks before the end of the month; the cape will definitely take longer to complete.  Of course, if I dont' even work on it, it will never get finished!  I also decided yesterday that I need to come up with a "truck project".  Something that won't be on a deadline, that will be mindless enough to pick up and put down any time, that I can work on when I find myself needing to kill time waiting while something is happening. 

So, I did think of a sock - small, portable, etc.  But between the heel turn and everything else, it wouldn't really be the best choice.  Besides, it would take FOREVER to complete the pair.  So, I think I'll find a couple short straight needles from my collection, and a ball (or two) of cotton, and put them in a ziplock type bag and I can work on a dishcloth.  Small enough, mindless enough, and will actually get finished one day!

Not much interesting or exciting happening otherwise lately.  I've been spending way too much time on the computer, instead of spending it on the craft room or typing that document I need to get busy typing.  I think I'll make it a goal to get at least the outline done this week - for sure.  Mini goal within the month goal...


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