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Friday, February 03, 2012

Sock report

So, I wove in a few ends on the afghan last night.  Still have a bunch to go, but since it isn't my favourite thing to do, and since the blanket is for me, I'm just going to do a few a night until they're done.

Knit several rounds on the green socks.  This is what they were when I started last night:
They are now half way up the foot.  By the time I'm done tonight, I should be ready to start the gusset increases.  UNLESS....

I was at my new favourite yarn store today.  Splurged on the yarn to make the new Six Sox socks for this session.  They are a gansey style sock - that means, have a few texture patterns with a common gansey motif of anchors.  If I recall, there was a cable, too... I may be wrong on that bit - I just remember the anchors down the leg, and little sailboats on the foot.  I checked out the solid colour sock yarn that the store was getting in.  Cascade Heritage sock yarn (they had one with silk in it, too - next time!) in a lovely medium blue.  Looks kind of like how the turquoise socks I'm working on kind of turn out in pictures here, lol.  And they had a dark blue, too.  Couldn't resist - I'm going to make a pair each for me and for DH.  His will be the dark blue, mine the light.  Now, contrary to what you may think, I'm not starting these socks right away. See, I also bought new needles.  I mentioned I'm tired of the ebony Lantern Moon needles breaking.  So, I asked about bamboo needles.  What she had in stock right now was Brittany Birch needles.  I've never tried those, so I'm interested to see how they do.  SO, I may just work on the Hermione sock for a while tonight.  Or, I might work on the turquoise socks - I am not sure what the TV will be like tonight.  The turquoise require a certain amount of paying attention to the pattern, so that might make them not doable just now.  Oh, and I have to get busy making decisions on the flora/fauna socks - I have a couple cat's paw lace patterns, slight difference in them, to pick from.  I need to get that going, too.  Then, I'll be up to the heel already on those - and I am writing the pattern down as I go.  I may need to tweak the pattern  and reknit the socks before I can share, though. :(

So, that is where I'm up to.  Working on the UFO socks, needing to do the UFO cape, the UFO crochet set, pick a new technique to practice, spin a little (I also bought some hand-plucked angora to try spinning up - there won't be much, so I don't know what I'll be making with it; maybe enough for a skinny scarf, or maybe I can just spin it for the joy of spinning... need to decide if I'll spin on the wheel or spindle.  Probably spindle, as there is only one ounce so the wheel seems too big somehow)


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