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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Brittany Birch

I like them.  Or, at least, I like the 2.75mm needles I bought. 

First, last night, I worked in some ends on the afghan.  I now have 26 more to do.  Then, I worked on a few rounds of the green socks.  And, finally, I did several rounds of the Hermione socks.  I'm not anywhere near finished them, but already I like the pattern.  Mindless enough not to be tethered to a pattern, but interesting enough not to become bored.  This is what they looked like before I started with the Brittany's.
The pattern calls for 18 by 4 row pattern repeats.  I've got 12 done.  I'll take a picture then, before I start the heel.  It's a basic heel, but the flap is knit a little different than most.  So, I'll be pattern-bound when I start it.  Maybe happen tonight, maybe not till tomorrow.  But I'll likely do the 6 repeats tonight.  There is going to be a back-to-back "rerun" of the first season of a show that we've never seen before tonight, that we're going to watch the pilot for.  Some of you likely have seen it; the title seems familiar to me.  Walking Dead.  I'm sure some of my friends/facebook friends have mentioned it.  So, I'll need something mindless for watching the first episode.  If we like it, I'll be recording the rest, and we'll add it to the list of shows that we consider "watchable". 

I mentioned a few posts back about some of the newer shows we've been watching.  I finally got around to doing a bit of research.  I see that Criminal Minds Suspect behaviour never made it after the first season.  Too bad.  And apparently Terra Nova is on thin ice - I'll be ticked if it doesn't come back.  Time travel stories always fascinate me.

I guess the most frustrating thing about watching TV - of course you can't please everyone, and everyone has different tastes, but it can sure be annoying when producers or whoever makes the decisions gets on bandwagons and you end up with nothing to watch; or they finally smarten up and start showing some decent movies, then you suddenly can't watch or record all the great shows all at once so you can watch them when there is nothing but trash on.  *sigh*.   The biggest issue, in my point, is that there isn't enough variety on TV.  Seems all the new shows are a variety on a theme, and all the repeat shows are a variation on a theme.  On any given night, there are at least a dozen "so you think people give a rat's butt you think you have some sort of talent" shows.  Or a half dozen "I do a job no one else has the guts to do but somebody thinks you might want to watch me deal with an extreme asshole or situation" shows.  I know I have a fairly limited interest in movie genres, and they tend to run in groups - like for a while, all the new movies being made might be sci-fi (yay) or romantic comedy (ick) and so on, but when you have a dozen or more movie channels, you'd *think* they could run some of the "good old oldies" in between the current genre du jour.  Right now we're at the tail end of a free trial run of some channels our cable provider is adding; so there is a lot to choose from, in the "good old oldies" category.  But, I only have so much recording room on the DVR!!  So, I guess I have to spend some more time in front of the tube, or let some pass by for now, hoping they come on again in the not too distant future. 

So, that's were I'll leave you for today.  Me planning some more end-weaving and sock knitting, and some possible good TV watching, and you - well, doing whatever it is you do :)


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