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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Running late again...

And I always rush the posts when I'm running late...

No pictures :(  I did take some, but didn't edit them.  Last night I just worked on the Hermione sock.  Am nearly finished the gusset decreases.  Different heel; at least the flap part of it.  I think it will be nice enough.

Didn't weave in any ends.  Did try to wind a ball of yarn yesterday.  For some reason, it decided to tangle itself up.  I have a swift and ball winder, and I know how to use them.  Because the first winding is often tight, I like to rewind.  It was during the rewind - I have no idea how, but suddenly the yarn decided to snarl.  I had to abort the rewind, and put the mess aside until I had time to deal with it.  This happened yesterday afternoon - I had a little time to kill.  Turned out to be taking way too long... anyway, instead of working in ends on the afghan, I worked on unsnarling the yarn.  Now, I need to rewind it on the ball winder again.... Will be doing that when I get off here.  It's a nice feeling sock yarn.  Cascade Heritage.  Lovely dark blue- navy blue.  I'm going to do the six sox sock in that yarn for DH.  Will do another pair in a medium blue - a royal blue -of the same yarn for me. 

I was talking yesterday about the comments and page views.  I got an email from a friend, that apparently, blogger is acting up.  She tried to post comments, (and I forgot to copy her email here to share - will do that tomorrow, I promise!!) but the security "type in this code" thing wasn't working for her.  That sucks...

Back when I first started this blog, I didn't worry about comment moderation.  Then, I got a bunch of spam.  Couldn't figure out how to remove the spam at first, and I didn't want to keep getting more. So, I turned on the moderation.  Not to keep anyone out, but more to avoid possibly offending anyone due to the content of any spam.  I dont' know what would happen if I turned off moderation now... Honestly, I'm not even sure how to.  I mean, I guess there would be a way, but I haven't gone exploring for it.  Anyway, if anyone else has been trying to comment, I'd appreciate knowing about it.  I have an account over at that you could email me.  Most of my friends are familiar with my email address, but in case you aren't (I know that you can go to my blogger profile and send me email that way, but it may be acting up too) but want to send me a note telling me if you can't post comments, you can email me at catsrme   at   gmail  dot   com.  Well, I don't want to make it clickable!!  I'm sure everyone can figure that all out, right? :)

 Well, I guess that is it for now.  Off to try to rewind a ball of yarn....


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