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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Topics and Titles

Coming up with topics to type about every day isn't that easy.  Coming up with titles for the posts is even harder!!  I want something interesting, engaging, unique, and still give an idea of what you are about to read.  I mean, to keep saying "Update" or "Progress report" might be factually correct, but could be boring or even confusing for you.  If the titles of the posts are repetitious, then you won't be sure if it is a post you've read before or not; and if you want to search the archives for a particular post, it is much harder when the title is the same for several of them.  And of course, the title should be interesting enough to make  you want to read the rest of the post.

Most times, I write the title first.  From my creative writing classes, though, I know that sometimes (most times even) that the title will present itself after the piece is written.  Yet, when I blog, I tend to put the title in first.

Topics aren't always that easy, either.  I mean, I get ideas in my head, and I pick up ideas from other websites, blogs, TV shows, etc..  But I don't always feel like writing about some of them on any given day.  Sometimes, I do want to talk about something, but either I get a weird feeling I may have already blogged about it, or I just don't feel like getting into it at the time.  Some stuff feels like an issue that I want to weigh in on, but on reflection (going over in my head what I would say about it) I realize that it really isn't that big of a deal after all.  That I really just needed to sort out my feelings internally.  Getting it out of my system isn't always that important.  Other things, I know I'll explode if I don't say it out loud, or write it out. 

One of the reasons that I don't post status updates on Facebook.  Can't think what to say.  And Twitter seems like a bit of a waste of time on my part... except that I'm following some pretty cool people.  So I read more than I write on twitter.

So.  That is where I am today - left with nothing much to say.  At least I managed to say a fair bit, though :)

I worked on Hermione last night.  Watched the movie, Seven, finished watching Eraser.  I thought I'd seen Eraser before - I'm a fan of Arnold Schwartzenegger movies.  But, I had recorded it, and started watching the other night.  Finished last night. Great movie, and I hadn't seen it before.  I do know I saw Seven before, but it has been a while.  So I didn't mind the re-watch.  Tonight, I think I'll work on the sea socks, even though I've got the others still to finish.  I just don't know if I'm in the mood for the lace charts for the mystery sock (which isn't a mystery anymore, but I just don't always recall the proper spelling of the title of the socks - Blathnat is close, or might even be correct).  Besides, I've been working on so many socks for me lately, that it is time to get going (and/or finish) socks for the hubby :)  And I have no idea what we'll be watching tonight.  Recording the first couple seasons of Walking Dead, which are being shown back to back.  The first of the new series is tonight.  So, for the past several hours this morning, hubby been watching the first few episodes.  Unfortunately, though, I was otherwise engaged, and couldn't watch with him - so now,  if he wants to keep watching tonight, I'll be screwed. I don't like coming in in the middle of a movie or series.  (well, except if the movie is one I've seen a hundred times, and there is absolutely nothing else on, then it is more "background noise" anyway, so it doesn't matter). 

Well, I'll be letting you all know tomorrow - and I will take and share pictures.  Not sure what the lighting will be like that early in the morning, so the colours might be off, but that will be better than no pictures at all, right? :)


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