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Saturday, February 11, 2012

TV (and progress at the end)

So, we switched out part of our TV channel package a month ago.  We used to get the food channel, the HGTV channel, and a couple other lifestyle types like that.  We used to watch them -  not often, but a few times when there was nothing much on between other show times.  Sometimes I'd watch food in the day time (which is why I now make my own hot wings) and for a while we watched it late afternoon before the news came on.  But, then there were repeats of the shows, and other channels changed their line-ups.  So, recently, we were re-evaluating our TV habits and the choices available.  Switched out the channels we don't watch anymore in that group for one with some movie channels.  I'm also thinking of adding another "extra" group of movie channels that are on a free trial right now, ending at the end of this week.  Would be an extra five bucks a month.  But, considering alternatives, that isn't too bad - it would cost us that and more to rent a movie. The only real difference is if you rent, you pick the movie.  Anyway - the reason I'm writing this today - the TV is on in the livingroom, where hubby is watching it.  I heard an advertisement for a "new" program coming on one of the new channels we picked up - and I have to wonder. 

Ok.  Our TV provider comes up with these packages of channels - for the most part, there are four channels per package.  You can get one, two, three, etc. packages - certain groupings get you a deal - if you get three groups, or six groups... we have six groups.  If you just drop one group, you get charged for the three group, and two individuals.  I did that once accidently - Fortunately, it didn't cost too much, because we only got charged for a part of the month.  Anyway - I wish the packages were set up a little different, because there are some that we really only watch one or two of the four in the group.  Like, the one we dropped - there were four channels in it, but I only recall the food and the hgtv, because those were the only two I ever did watch from the group. 

So, the reason I explained that bit - I would have gladly given up A&E and TLC because I truly don't see too much "art and entertainment" shows, nor much educational stuff on The Learning Channel anymore - there seems to be a plethora of shows that fall under "reality" that in my opinion, are boring and stupid.  I mean, really - they glorify boring jobs, or single out people who make mistakes, and sometimes, I wonder just how much is staged and scripted - not really real.  I know a lot of editing is done; and there are a lot of things that seem to happen excitingly fast, but are really slow slow slow.... Sadly, some viewers (people I know and talk to, and consider to be intelligent) actually believe that the reality show is a reflection of reality.  I mean, anyone who thinks the dog whisperer can really retrain a problem dog in just 30 minutes isn't living in reality either.  (Yes, I know a couple of people who believe that.)

Now, I will admit to having watched "Hoarders".  Honestly, it makes me feel a little better, to know I am not *that* bad.  And, I have seen (I'm not sure "watched" is the right description, because that implies an active interest, not an occasional glance at the screen between checking a complex lace pattern chart and my knitting) things like American Pickers, storage wars, pawn stars, and those sorts of shows.  Now, I'd love it if one day, instead of making these things look like every day you get to find something worth thousands of dollars and you only pay tens of dollars to get it, that they would show the times that those two guys drive hundreds of miles, spending gas, hotel rooms, restaurant food, and come out empty handed.  I'll bet there are more of those days than the other.  And that storage wars?  Who cares? 

Ok, so - here's the thing - the new show that is about to start on one of the new channels we just switched to - "comic book guys".   Really.  Now we'll be able to watch a show about a bunch of guys who bought a comic book store.

I have just one question.


When will this cycle of reality shows end, and get back to either truly informative shows or purely entertainment shows?  Like sitcoms, or cop shows, or heck, even variety shows? And I really hope that the learning channel goes back to helping us learn things, real things.  Like science and nature things.  (I'm not fond of game shows, but some of those can offer learning opportunities...)

Oh, and for what it is worth - I don't have anything really against the dog whisperer - I don't always agree with everything he does with dogs, but I also don't disagree with everything either.  And I will admit that the show does provide some information that would be useful to people - as long as those people realize that dog training takes time, consistency, and repetition.

As for the socks - I finished them last night.  Wearing them today.  Took a picture this morning, but am going to wait to download and post until I have a few more to share. :)  Also, did a bunch of ends on the afghan.  So, I have 8 more of those to do.  Nearly done!!! 


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