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Friday, February 10, 2012

Busy day means late to post again

Well, whatever it was that ailed me yesterday was gone by today.  Either I ate something wrong, or didn't eat something right, or maybe a combination of those.  Last night, I was super tired, so I also never quite finished the green socks.  Nearly, but not quite.  Today, I was going for my usual chiropractor appointment, and then after that, meeting my nephew for lunch.  So, I took along a circular needle, and a ball of yarn, and started on the current six sox sock - sea cruise, I think is the name.  I got about half the hemmed cuff of one sock done at the chiro.'s.  I thought I'd have chance to knit while waiting for my nephew, but the chiro was super busy, so I did all the knitting there.  I was on time for lunch, but no extra wait time. :)  It was good to catch up with him.  Get to know him - I haven't seen him since he was about ten or 12...  He's older than my son, so that should indicate it's been a while!!  I mean, heck, I'm a grandma already!

So, one of my goals was to have started on my document by today. Didn't happen, but - I did spend some time at the library yesterday looking up some books to help me with it. I did get a book from the library a couple weeks ago, but it is written from a slightly different perspective than I need.  There was still some good general information, but I needed to do some more research.  I'm really starting to feel I can handle this. :)  Reminding myself of all the A's and A+'s I got on papers in University really helped.  At least, even if I didn't start typing it out, or even draw up the outline, at least I got some research done.  And during a discussion with DH, I managed to solve a bit of a problem I was having with one area. 

Now, I really need to make sure I finish my green socks, get some more done on Hermione (I didn't take it with me, because I find double points in waiting rooms don't always work well), try to do more of the mystery sock, work on the sea socks, pull out the cape so I can get it into rotation, take a bunch of pictures, weave the last 16 ends on my blanket, get typing, and work on the special project all this weekend.  I really need to make sure I get cracking, because the month is one third over, and I've really not reached any goals....

So - I guess that is all for today.  It isn't easy to do, but I will try to write again over the weekend.  :)  Hopefully, with some real decent progress reports! 


  • At 3:54 p.m., Anonymous Cindy from Dallas said…

    Sounds like you got plenty done! I haven't even managed to do a single stitch in the last three days, and only have gotten half of the laundry folded. (What am I doing online... hmmm) I am certain you will be plenty productive tonight, and maybe tomorrow, or Monday you will have pictures of those finished socks. And maybe an in progress pic of the six sox sock - sea cruise too?


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