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Friday, February 17, 2012

Progressing right along

So.  Last night, watched Big Bang Theory and second episode of The River, while working on the Sea Cruise socks.  Have two repeats of the motif done.  Then, I watched the first episode of Walking Dead.  Discovered that I made a booboo in Hermione sock #2.  I cast on an extra stitch, but it didn't show up in the ribbing, because it was a 1X1 rib, divided over four needles - start each needle with a knit one so it was somewhat mindless - so mindless, that is wasn't until I started the four stitch repeat pattern that I found the mistake.  First, I thought it was because I'd slipped a stitch onto the wrong needle at some point - then, I thought maybe I'd picked up a stitch somewhere... took me a long time to find the two knits or purls side by side... since it is a sock just for me, and it is only one extra stitch in a rib cuff, and since it went on for the whole twenty cuff rounds, I simply purled two together (the pattern is knit 3 purl 1, knit a round, then you knit 1, purl 1, knit 3 so the purl bumps alternate from the first round, then knit a round - simple, mindless, four round repeat) and carried on.  I doubt anyone will notice, not even me once the sock is done!

As for Walking Dead - well, this morning, I told Dear Hubby (aka DH for those who are less familiar with the acronyms) that I'd watched it and asked if it gets better.... He said it does.  And that apparently other people have told him the first couple are slow starting.  He's watched the first four, I need to catch up to  him so we can watch these together.  We've been watching The River together - we both like it.

I also noticed, when I watched the recording of Pan Am I did earlier this week, that they seem to have shown a couple episodes out of order.  I mean, the one from this week seems to fit chronologically into the story line *before* the last one I saw.  So, I don't know how that happened - other than, since they've been bouncing things around and leaving long stretches between showings, they probably got the reels or disks or whatever method they use now mixed up.  Not impressed....

So... This weekend, I guess we'll be doing a fair bit of taping.  We'll be going out for supper for two nights in a row. :)  Tomorrow is a fundraiser dinner - Pawsta Dinner.  Spaghetti supper, money raised to benefit animal rescue.  I'm sure there is information on D'Arcy's website.  Yup - just checked - scroll down a bit and there is a "poster" about it. :)  (if you are checking this post after tomorrow, I'm not sure how long that information will be there - but I know this is an annual event, and they do have other events through the year.  So, even if you miss it, you can still check out the website and see what great things they do for critters like my baby, Delko :) )  

(side note - how does one deal with the little icon thingy where you make a smiley face with :) and use it at the end of a sentence inside parenthesis?)

Sunday, we're going to The Keg for steak to celebrate our February occasions.  My birthday, DH's birthday (today!) and our anniversary (35 yrs coming up fast!)  I have to admit, though, that the best steak I've ever had was in Mexico last year.  Cooked to perfection, served hot, and stayed hot!  Yes, it helped that the ambient air was warmish, but the food stayed hot on the heated plate.  Excellent service.  The Keg does come in at a fairly close second, though.  They do make a decent steak. We go there relatively often - meaning, we don't always go out to eat, but when we do, it is pretty much always The Keg.  Second choice is Olive Garden, but we haven't been there for a while now....

So - I'll save up any pictures for tomorrow; that will give me something to post on a Saturday ;)  And on Sunday I can tell you all about the Pawsta dinner, and on Monday (which is a holiday here) I can tell you about the steak dinner.    More about the Monday holiday in another post - it's actually related to one of my "blog fodder" ideas anyway.  So, I'll probably vent about that on Tuesday.


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