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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The early bird gets the worm.  And has chance to download from the camera, and edit pics (for size, I am not good at "photoshopping" pictures to change them) and post them to their blog...

So, yeah, I do know how to edit pictures to change what they look like.  Kind of.  It generally takes me a while to remember how to do things.  I have made composites, now and again, of things.  I have taken out some elements - usually by cropping, or by painting over with a colour or white or black. Usually, this is because when I take a picture of something that I plan to share, I'm not paying enough attention to the background, until I am editing for size/cropping etc.  Then, I realize that I didn't sweep the floor, or there is something a little too personal for my liking showing that I don't want to make public... (so, I drink Corona, and I sometimes get lazy and instead of putting the empties away, I leave them on the table, and they accumulate.  But I don't always want to share that information with all of you!!!  For example....) 

Anyway, I do NOT and WILL not, ever, change up a picture to mislead you in my abilities.  I will not make a finished object by manipulating the pictures.  I will not copy/paste one finished sock and pretend I knit a pair. I know of some people who would do that type of manipulation, but I won't.  I know of one case where someone regularly takes pictures of their finished work, then uses other people to model the items by using a picture editing program.  To me, that is very dishonest - and the person often doesn't get permission. Another person does google image searches, and then uses pictures people have posted in advertising.... insisting that if it is posted on the internet in a web album, it is automatically under some sort of shareable copyright - that person's own interpretation of creative commons licenses.  The problem - I've shown the person where the copyright notice is posted on the album site, and the pictures are not to be used without permission, but the person blew me off and told me I didn't know what I was talking about....

Sorry - getting into a sore spot there.

Anyway - I don't believe in manipulating even my own pictures to mislead.  Just to clean them up and make them easier to share.  :) 

One of the pictures I want to share, is of my kitty helper.... I went shopping yesterday.  Was out of both cat and dog food.  Brought in the groceries, put the cat food bag on the table. Went out, brought a 20 pound bag of potatoes from vehicle to door, went back for dog food bag.  Opened door of house, saw kitty with face buried deep into bag of cat food... Grabbed camera (purse where camera lives was on kitchen chair quite handy) and snapped a picture... of course, by then, kitty had removed head and was looking out the window.

Worked on the Sea Cruise socks last night.  Got third motif done.  Showed to husband, asked if he could recognize what the "picture" was.  He couldn't - said it looked like owls.  I showed him the one on the pattern - he thought that looked like cats!  He showed me how after, and I agree - pulled out sideways, it does look like a kitty face!  Anyway, I told him they were anchors, and then he saw them... 

Then, I knit the next part - the set up row for the heel.  The directions said, K4, K2tog, K5, K2 tog, K5.  Then it said, that those 15 stitches were the first part of the heel flap, and the rest of the row would become instep stitches - and the next row started with slip 1, purl 14....  I have an email in to the Six Sox Group, and am waiting on an answer.  So, I did a few more rounds on Hermione 2.  Discovered something interesting....  The yarn on this sock is now pooling, creating spiralling stripes down the sock.... I don't mind not having a set of identical twin socks, fraternal twins are fine with me.  But I don't think I like the spiral in this particular yarn.  So, I think I'm going to have to rip it and restart, with the correct number for the cast on.  Amazing what difference a single stitch over 21 rows can make to a yarn colour repeat....  I'll take pictures before I rip, of course.  (After I clear off the table, lol)


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