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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here is hoping

So.  Here's hoping I can share the pictures.  Repeating yesterday, as well as some days back...

This was my first attempt at the second sock.  A distinct spiralling.

My second attempt was a more intense spiral, and it was also too tight.
I suppose I didn't need to do two pictures of them.  :)  But I did take two anyway. 

While I was taking pictures, I had some near interruptions.  I had the socks all on the kitchen table, and ended up with a dog on my chair.  The old, turn-on-the-camera-and-a-dog-appears trick.  She didn't stick her face in the way this time, but....
 She *did* give me the look of "why can't I be in the picture?"  So, I took one.  Got Delko there, too.  My babies!!!

So - will be knitting some more tonight.  Not sure which sock, but I know for sure I'm not getting any of my goals accomplished this month.  Well, I did learn a new technique in knitting.  I finished the toe up socks, which I started in January.  I learned a new toe-up cast on for January (though not what I was planning to learn).  And I learned a nice stretchy cast off in February. :)  Wonder what my new technique will be for March?  Haven't given it any real thought, so maybe that will be when I learn what I planned to this year...

(things to learn  - the "new" way of intarsia from Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia, the tubular cast on - I tried this before and it just wasn't clicking, and brioche stitch.  In crochet - tunisian stitches beyond the basic, and knooking, though I did play a bit once, and don't think it will be hard to figure out.)

I haven't met any of my other goals - I wanted to have the special project completed by the end of the month, I'm now working on being nearly three weeks behind that goal.  I wanted that document either written, or at least started - all I've accomplished on that is getting library books and starting research/reading the books.  I don't even want to talk about the house -and my love hate relationship with it.  Yes, I know, I've talked about it lots in the past and likely will again; I just don't want to talk about it today.  So - I'm so far, only managing to accomplish one of my goals.  Writing in this blog every day.

Now, is it because I've bitten off more than I can chew?  Or is it because I'm still working on healing from the year and a half depression, which has left me mentally and physically exhausted?  Or, is there something else that I just haven't explored enough to see yet standing in my way?

Maybe some good food for thought.  If I remember to think about it! 

(just another thought to leave you with.  In the pic above of the dogs, I'm standing beside my fridge, with is against the wall that goes to the livingroom.  You can see the table.  You can see the edge of the mat that is in front of the sink.  You can see my stove, and part of a cupboard.  That is how big my kitchen is.  Maybe I'll take a couple more pictures of it (after I sweep the floor, lol) I spent some time this morning clearing, washing and organizing one of the counters.  Seriously, I have two counters; one beside the stove above that cupboard, and one on the other side of the sink, where my coffee maker, kettle, can opener, and drainboard is.  I have a small drainboard....  I have no counters.  Really.  Two of them, that are maybe 18 inches long each....)  Oh, right, I said I wasn't going to talk about the house.


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