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Friday, February 24, 2012

Finding my way around

I've always found blogger to be one of the more user friendly blogs.  I did need a bit of help when I first started my blog, in finding out how to add stuff to the side bar.  And now and again, I've had glitches happen, but I've been able to figure out how to fix them.  No formal training in html codes and stuff, just what I've picked up along the way doing it. 

And, I've learned some of the technical jargon along the way...

Anyway, the current incarnation of blogger dashboard is very much more user friendly - less coding, more "what you see is what you get" kind of of thing.

So, I had noticed one day, after I posted, that I had some "draft" posts.  So, I checked them.  I was sure I'd posted the messages, though.  One was from 2008, one from 2007.  I went through the archives of my blog, and sure enough, the posts were there, right where they were supposed to be.  I have no idea why they are also sitting in a draft folder.  And, to be honest, I'm kind of scared to delete them, lol.  Since they really aren't bothering anything, I figure, I'll just leave them there.  Maybe one day, I'll see what happens if I delete. 

Today was a tiring day for me.  Our streets aren't in perfect condition right now - so far this winter we've had mild temperatures and nearly no snow.  Or, not much to speak of. Or, whatever did fall melted away again.   Well, this week, things are changing a bit.  We did get a few inches of snow, and some of it did the melty thing.  But now it has gotten cold, and the wind is picking up.  So we're getting drifty snow on top of ice.  And I had some shopping to do this morning.  I planned my trips, as always, so that I could do a loop.  It wasn't too bad driving; but I do drive cautiously.  I did have a bit of difficulty getting into my yard again.  Kind of went a bit sideways instead of straight in, and might have ended up driving over the area we pile snow when we do need to shovel.  So, that was loose snow, and there is potential to become stuck in it.  But, I didn't.  Just pulled back out into the lane, and tried again.  Made it in that second time.

So - Last night I worked on the Hermione second sock.  For about one round.  Was thinking about all that I posted yesterday, about the differences in yarn.  And couldn't remember if I'd finished all my thoughts on the topic of variance in knitting.... See, I did use two different needle brands for the sock.  I started sock one using Lantern Moon Ebony needles, size 2.75mm (US2).  Then, when I got tired of the one needle breaking, I switched to Brittany Birch needles.  Well, there really isn't a spot that you can tell where I switched.  BUT for some reason.... well, sock #2 is working up very differently.  A lot did have to do with the difference between the cast on number, but I already took care of that.  I was rather surprised to see that I was still getting a pooling effect causing a spiral stripe.  I decided to let it go, and just carry on knitting.  Then I had a THOUGHT.  It wasn't a happy THOUGHT, either.  I grabbed the completed sock, and placed the new cuff on the old. 

Pictures to follow when I take them and download from the camera.....  (Frog pond, here I come!)

So, instead, I worked on the kitties and butterflies sock.  Because we were watching some recorded shows, and I didn't want to have to be chart dependent.  Will be working on whatever socks I happen to pick up tonight - haven't decided yet.  :) 

BUT - I am probably going to end up abandoning any unfinished socks in the next couple of days, once I sort some ideas out in my head.  I have a plan for a new shawl design... a spark of an idea started and became an ember yesterday, and when I heard about a particular lace yarn, which I saw and purchased today, the ember has ignited and is taking off into flame.... Should be a raging fire in the next few days, which means, my ADD will take over, and I'll get all excited and have to run off and make it!!


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