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Monday, February 27, 2012

pictures, finally ready.

So.  I am frustrated... I tried a few different things to get to my archives, and the best I can do is get as far back as the 6th of either January or February.  Wonder what the issue is? 

Maybe I've posted too many pictures, and they have a limit on the page length?  Maybe I've made too many long posts, and there is a limit on page length?

But shouldn't there at least be an "older posts" button to click?  So I can see the first several days of the month?

Maybe I'm going to have to retire some pets, or something....  :(

Oh, well.  Here's some pictures showing some progress on the Six Sox Knitalong Sea Cruise socks that I'm making for DH. 
This shows the three anchor motifs on the leg - hope they are visible enough.  :)  Part of it is the size of the photo, part the dark yarn.  They do show when you stretch them out on an arm or a leg, or hold them so the light hits just right.  I'm sure when I get around to making the pair for me in the lighter blue they'll show better.  Now, here is the sock after the heel turn:
I'm past the gusset decreases, and now just have to knit for length.  Still following charts, though.

I'm also working on the sock that I'm designing - and had a strange thought... what if someone else who knits faster or writes patterns faster than me takes my idea from the pictures and runs with it?   Well, I'm not going to worry.... even though I'm much slower at the process, as long as these posts turn up even if not in their entirety, will show that I've been playing with the idea since back in January ;)

So, here's the last two progress pics I took:  leg first, then heel turn and instep.

Well, I guess this is the beginning of the heel - the flap and turn and gusset pick up have been done here.
And working on the foot.  Heading toward the toe....
continuing the kitty paws along the instep portion.

Next up - the redos of the Hermione.  First, a reminder of what had happened when I first tried the second sock.
You can see how the finished sock has mottled colours, but the part one has a distinctive spiral pattern.  Besides, I'd messed up on the cast on.

Aww, fizzleshitz.  Seems that blogger doesn't want to load any more pictures.  So, do I edit and take out the one above; wait a little while just in case; type some more and try again (that used to work in the past when blogger was acting up with picture posting) or just leave the pics as is, and try again tomorrow?  Well, I already invested the time to type and load the reminder picture above, so deleting all that goes against the grain (hm, the irony - I have to keep ripping the second sock, now I have to "rip back" the blog post!!!).  Typing some more now, I can try again after a few more minutes and a few more sentences.  If that doesn't work, then I guess I'll just have to give up and try again tomorrow. 

Today, DH is home sick - kind of makes it hard for me to get into any routine with him around, under foot, napping and wanting quiet, etc.  He isn't too demanding on my time or trouble, mostly it is just trying to work around him that bothers me.  I just don't need the extra excuse not to do much around the house.  I'm so far behind on so many things, and it just seems like everything is a priority - so many things to do, and some are dependent on doing other things first, and some are easier if I do other things first, and some of those firsts seem like lower priority so I feel guilty doing them, then other things get behind and become more urgent, and I end up shutting down because I don't know where to start.  Unfortunately, I become very unproductive in those situations.  As in, I spend time on the computer.  If only I could do something like knit when I don't want to do anything else... but if I knit, or try to catch up on the TV shows/movies that are recorded, then I feel guilty, and it drives me back into that depressed state...  but I don't feel guilty on the computer. 

I suppose I've vented about that many times lately, haven't I?  And the venting or talking about it isn't helping.  I really need a new strategy.  Now, if only I could figure one out.

Well, I just tried the picture thing again.  So, I guess you'll just have to wait until tomorrow.


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