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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Posting etiquette

I was going to apologize for yesterday's post - in some ways, it wasn't a good post.  Short, showed pictures at least, but really wasn't the best I've done.  Then, I realized.... this is my blog.  It is my self-imposed I must write on it each day in 2012.  So, why should I apologize?  I did write.  And I posted what I feel like posting.  Just because I slept in, and it was late, and I was posting while making something to eat, and I needed to get off the 'puter because there was something on TV that needed to be paid attention to... So, I admit, I rushed it. 

But, I did post about something that I've been thinking/dreaming about lately.  :)  My trip to Mexico last year.  I have something going on in my little pea-brain that is related. So, I'm thinking on it a lot.  Besides the fact that we have finally got winter starting now - even though it is nearly over.  I can hardly wait until I can start hanging outside with the dogs, wearing shorts and T-shirts, and relaxing in the warm sun...

In the meantime - today just happens to be my anniversary :)  35 years...

Last night, after eating and after the news, I watched a few more episodes of that Walking Dead thing.  I was nearly ready to give up on the series, because it really was getting more and more boring.  BUT - finally, at the end of what I think was the fourth episode (third last night, and I only watched one before that) it got good.  Now, as long as it keeps up being good.  The other night, we were waiting for Grimm to come on, and ended up catching part of that show, "undercover boss".  I watched the first season of that. (just an aside here - for some reason my shift key is misbehaving, and instead of constantly correcting the missing capitals, I'm leaving them for a while).  Anyway, the first season of Undercover Boss was not bad - but after a few years, you start to wonder, does no one watch TV?  I mean, this show isn't one that is on some of the cable networks that not everyone gets, it was on the regular networks.  So, how come you can actually fool some of these people still?  Like, really, if I'm working somewhere, and someone comes to me to say they are making this show about whatever in the workplace, I'm going to be suspicious.  Either everyone on the show lives in isolation (mind you, the other day, they *were* on a fishing/factory boat that was pretty isolated for months at a time) or people aren't so dumb, and that is why the boss gets all the shit jobs.  My point, though - this show is still on the air after several years.  But shows like Criminal Minds Suspect Behaviour or Terra Nova are gone.  Oh, and I  had forgotten about another oldie but lost - No Ordinary Family.

Who makes these decisions, anyway???

Well, on the bright side - if the shows are boring or just plain unwatchable, then I can get in more knitting ;)

Time to take stock - I have not finished all the socks I wanted to this month.  I'm trying to access my archives in another window - don't seem to be able to get it to open properly.    Damn.  I don't know why I can't get the archives to open properly.  I can get most of the month of January, and most of February, but not the beginning.   I wanted to use the beginning of the month posts to say what projects I planned to do, so I could go back at the end of the month to see what progress I'd made.  I'm frustrated now...

Well, let's see if I can do it from memory.

In January, I planned to work on an afghan that I'd started, the celtic cape that is a year old and I'm barely started, a crochet twin set (tank top and bolero) that I'd started but kind of got frustrated with, and I allowed myself to start four new socks, plus one that I was working on using two colours.  During the month, a baby blanket need came up, so I started and finished that.  When it became obvious that I wasn't going to get the socks done, I carried them over to February.  I finished one pair of the carry overs.  I started a new pair.  So, my February goal, if I recall, was to finish the January socks, try to make progress on the new sock, and to catch up on the unfinished stuff from last year.  The afghan got finished.  All ends woven in. :)  So, so far this year, I have completed - one afghan, one baby blanket, one pair of socks.  I've started four new pairs of socks. 

I'm going to see if I can get at least one pair of socks finished by the end of this month, though I doubt it will happen.  My plans for March:  seems I'm going to want to start two new socks from that sock group on Ravelry.  I may or may not do the mystery sock from them.  I won't start them, though, unless I can get a few more of the UFO type socks done first.  And I really need to get those other projects worked on, instead of buries away.  I want to start a new shawl, and I want to start working on making some afghans for the grand kids for next Christmas. 

I guess I should stop starting new socks, but I know I need more, and so does DH.  So, maybe I should just try to work on one thing at a time, and just get it done!!!!  Well, I guess I could/should allow myself one mindless type project, and one concentration type project.  Problem is, right now, most of the projects require concentration.... :P

Well, it isn't March first yet, so I still have some time.  Maybe I'll be able to find the archives properly before then!   I mean, in another way, if I can't even remember which projects I've got in the "current" pile, then maybe I have too many!


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