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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hermione and TV

I will be happy to see the end of this sock.  I think I messed up somewhere in  my gusset decreases, but I refuse to rip again.  It was only a minor mess up - I may have decreased one side twice in a row instead of a knit even row between. 

I am closer to being finished on these socks than not, so I really just want to get them done.  I originally was going to focus on getting the Sea Cruise done for dh, but with all the problems I've encountered on Hermione, I really really really want them over with!!

This morning I took pictures of my kitchen.  Except the table.  I had to wait for the doggies to decide to go out first, and when they did, the table still had more stuff on it than "normal" and my laptop was open, and a bunch of other things... And I still need to download, resize, etc. the pictures I did take.  So, it will happen, but not yet. 

Funny thing - I keep a bunch of stuff on my fridge with magnets... I didn't realize just how it looked until I took the picture.  Funny how that happens - you see it every day, so you stop *seeing* it.  But, take a picture, and it seems to make you see it with fresh eyes.  I didn't realize how cluttered the fridge door had gotten.  So, now that is going to be on my nerves and my mind until I deal with it... :P

Instead of organizing myself and dealing with and setting the priorities so I can deal with them instead of becoming frustrated by them, I'm adding to the problem. 

So, today, my plan involves working on that special project, so I can get it finished.  Tonight is River night, and we only have two more recorded Walking Dead shows to watch.  Don't know if any of you are fans, or are trying to become fans and watching past seasons like I've been doing, so I don't want to create a "spoiler" situation.  But there is one character on the show that I am really really hating.... And the show is getting so interesting now!  Slow moving at the start, but picking up as you go along. I think I'm going to end up having some withdrawal when we're caught up on tape and have to wait a whole week between episodes!!  And I'm really not looking forward to any season breaks. 

Still ticked off at Terra Nova being dropped.  Especially since they actually made shows for a second season.  Hopefully, it will be picked up in syndication, and they'll show both seasons.  Or, maybe they'll decide to resurrect it and make more even.  I wonder if we can get history to repeat itself, and do like the fans of Star Trek did in the '60's?  It really should be easier to accomplish these days, with internet and everything.... Hmmm....

Anyway - should be able to finish Hermione over the next two evenings.  I mean, I've only got a half dozen decreases to finish the gusset, then the foot and toe.  Once I get past the paying attention for the gusset, it will be back to  nearly mindless round after round until the toe - so, news show for an hour, crap shows/taped Walking Dead for one hour, then The River for an hour.  I should be able to handle the decreases in the first hour, or at least have them down to not needing too much attention during the news.  Then, I can get going on the foot for the rest of the TV evening.  Tomorrow is Survivor night, so news first, then Survivor.  Criminal Minds is next, and I should be able to manage to get most if not all the foot and toe done.  At worst, I might have to do the toe graft during Thursday news.  All of this is assuming, of course, that I dont' have to rip back anymore!!! 

Then, it will be back to Sea Cruise for Big Bang on Thursday, and Walking Dead tapes. :)

Most of the TV times I've been referring to take until 9 pm.  I still stay up, watch more TV, and usually still knit some after 9.  But often, I'm a little too tired, so I either put it down, or I knit very slowly... If I'm going to make a big type mistake, it will likely happen after 9.  Never used to be so tired at that time of night, but as I've said before, I had a lot of energy taken out of me for the last few years, and I'm still working back up to normal.  Used to be, I could knit straight through to 10 without any difficulty at all.  Last night, I actually fell asleep on the couch shortly after ten, and woke up to do the animals bedtime routines (surprised they didn't wake me sooner) about quarter after 11.  Normally, I will watch a Big Bang rerun at 10, then if I'm not quite ready for bed, there is a rerun of Flashpoint on another channel, that started at 10 as well, but I'll pick it up at the half-way mark.  If I want, I'll stay up to the end, and do the routine during commercial breaks.  Or, I'll maybe kind of look at the show, then start the bedtime routines.  I'm normally in bed by 11 or shortly after, if not way before that.

Bedtime routine - I fill the water bowl, check to see if the dog food dishes have food in them, filling as needed.  Same with cat food dish - fill if it needs.  Then, the cats get some Whiskas treats.  And the dogs get three treats each - two dog cookies (crunchy type treats) and one soft chewy one.  They can count, they know the soft one is last - and there are some cookies that aren't their favourites - I give them, they take them politely, and drop them on the floor and wait for the soft one!  Then, they will go back and eat the crunchy treat.  Sometimes.  Other times, they eat in the order they get.  So, after treats, the dogs go out for "bed time puddles".  While they are out, I'll set up the coffee maker for morning (one of those that has a timer so it starts itself in the morning) and make sure my kettle has water in it for morning tea.   Then, the dogs come in, and I make a final "bed time puddle" myself, then we go upstairs.  I get ready for bed, the dogs take over my pillow and blankets, and we have a cuddle while I try to get into bed around them.  Sometimes the order varies slightly - if I really need to go potty, or sometimes the dogs get treats before the cats, or the dogs really need to go potty....
Aside: Dh goes to bed much earlier than I do, and he also gets up earlier than me.  He is a sweetie, though, and when he calls me in the morning, he turns on the kettle so I can make my tea in the morning. :)

Wow, I'm getting brave these days - giving out way more information about me.... Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Am I giving away too much personal information that someone may use against me one day?  Am I giving enough info for an identity thief to take advantage of?  Am I boring everyone?  Am I revealing a hidden need to be center of attention so I'm giving too much up?  Am I unconsciously trying to shock people?  Am I overthinking this whole thing?

Well... this isn't getting my goals met, so I'll be off now. :)


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