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Monday, March 05, 2012

no kitchen today...

Nope,  no kitchen pictures today.  And it will be a shortish post.

Last night - started the heel flap on Hermione 2.  For some reason, it seemed like it wasn't working up right... also my ripping seemed to be a half row off somehow.  But that didn't matter much - since so far it is just a leg, who cares where the round officially starts?  Anyway, the heel seemed "off", then I realized I'd dropped one of the stitches at the end - so, I ripped and restarted the flap.  Finally got it going right.  Ended up spending most of the night to do just a few rows.... (since I also had to finish ripping and recovering the other part of the leg, that I didn't do in the dark.  Sort of a slow process...)

Anyway, yesterday I spent most of the day in the kitchen.  Blanching veggies, then mixing them for a recipe I like to do.  Shrimp en papie   en pappie  en papiat   Shrimp in paper.  Uses parchment paper to make packets of shrimp, seasoning, and veggies.  The original recipe called for one type of veggie, but a friend of mine who recommended the recipe said she often uses whatever veggie combo she has on hand.  I've been making it with a combo every time I've ever made it. It is popular around our house, considering that DH prefers his shrimp breaded and deep fried.  (which I also make now and again).  Besides prepping the fresh veggies, I also tried another recipe, shared by the same friend.  Jambalaya. We'd been out for lunch, and I'd selected jambalaya from the menu.  My first time eating it.  She mentioned having a recipe, and I was pretty sure my husband would like it...  Sure enough.  Made a big pot up of it, and between us, we pigged out on more than half of it!!!! 
This recipe is definitely a keeper!!

So, you don't get pictures of the rest of the kitchen right now, because there are a lot of extra dishes piled up - several pots from blanching and some cutting boards and colanders, as well as a plate and a bowl from our supper (I like plates, because I can't eat the food if it is too hot, so I spread it out.  Dh is the opposite - he'll use a bowl so it stays warm longer). 

But - I will share.  Oh, and the dark spots on the floor are dog food pieces.  They sometimes pick out mouthfuls, drop them on the floor, then eat morsels one at a time.  And once in a while have leftovers for me to pick up for them.  Or, the cats steal them and eat them, or help themselves to the dog food in the bowl.

Yes, I have strange animals.


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