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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Once a year

Once a year, around Easter, stores start selling "Hot Cross Buns".  I guess they are "hot" because you are supposed to heat them up, or cook and eat them fresh.  I remember them being around when I was a kid- my mother would buy (make?  hm, have to ask my sister about that) them, and have them around.  I recall trying one, and finding the dried fruit in it to be "gross".  (we didn't use that word back then, but it applies, lol).  I didn't like *any* dessert/bread thing with that dried fruit in it.  I guess it had an overpowering citrus-y taste, and since I recently found out I have a mild allergy to oranges, (yes, I was tested by an allergist, I thought I just didn't care for oranges) I can see why I would not like fruit cakes and such.  Strangely, though, since becoming an adult, I've discovered I *LIKE* Hot Cross Buns.  I also buy dried fruit from the bulk food store for snacks...

Tastes obviously change over time - Things that my husband wouldn't touch when we got married are among his favourites now. 

What I'm not sure of, is how or why I tried one of the buns to discover I like them now.  One would think that one would want to avoid something based on memory of not liking it!

Well, either way, on Thursday, I bought a package of 16, and there are 7 left - and I'm thinking about going to eat a couple for my breakfast when I'm done here :)  Maybe I might warm one up in the microwave, just to try it "hot" :)

In the meantime - I finished the third motif for the leg of the Sea Cruise 2 sock, so I'm ready to start the heel.  And I have replotted the plans for the shawl, so now I need to start creating graphs (and I still best knit up that swatch!)


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