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Friday, March 09, 2012

Icky hour change, Sea Cruise and shawl

I really don't like the hour change.  I mean, I really don't understand the need.  I like it that the sun is getting up earlier every morning.  I like starting my day nice an early with natural light.  Somewhere, someone said it had to do with power usage and making it easier on people to not have to use lights at night.  I don't get it - whether the lights are on morning or evening, the number of dark hours vs light hours doesn't change - just the designation of those hours. 

The only time that I really wasn't much bothered by the hour change was the first two after my son was born.  Because, I fretted about it for days... I had fallen into that trap of being a slave to the clock.  This has to happen at such-and-such an hour, that has to happen at half-past... So, I worried how things would go with this few month old baby.... until it hit me, that he should be fed when he was hungry, nap when he was tired.  Not be dependent on the clock determining when he should be hungry or tired.

Sadly, though, there are certain things in life that *are* attached to a rigid clock-based schedule.  And it takes me a while to adapt.  It is particularly difficult when I don't understand the reasoning.  Or, I should say, I don't "get" the reasoning.  I don't see the purpose.  Leave nature as it should be....

Oh, well.  I can't change the world, so I just have to change and adapt myself to it.  It will just take me a few days, that's all.  At least the couch is comfy to sleep on, if I fall asleep watching TV until my sleep patterns get straightened out.  ;)

Sea Cruise is two-thirds of the second leg done.  And we're all caught up watching Walking Dead.  And the shawl that I want to knit is now plotted and planned - now it is time to find the needles and start the swatching.  Wondering.... should I do it as another mystery shawl, and break it into clues?  Or should I just post pics as I go, and then the pattern at the end?  Need to decide....(comments/opinions/desires welcome!)

Well, guess that is it for today.  Sorry for the short post... I did have something else I was going to talk about, but decided to do something about it instead. ;)  Will likely write about it tomorrow or maybe in the next few days.  Has a lot to do with the pictures I shared.


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