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Monday, March 12, 2012

Reading instead of knitting

So, instead of knitting much yesterday, I did some reading.  I have a library book due back at the end of the week, and even though I'm not exactly in the mood for reading right now (I would have devoured the book in a couple of days) I am trying to get it read.  It is a recently published book in a series I started reading last fall.    The author is Blaize Clement, and the series is about a character named Dixie Hemingway, a former deputy sheriff turned cat sitter, who manages to get involved in solving crimes; primarily involving murder.  Being a newer and popular book, I'm not able to renew it as others are waiting for it. 

I've also got another book or two on deck - I recently picked up the new book in the  Death's Daughter series, How to Be Death, by Amber Benson.  More in the mystery genre (honestly, I'm not a fan of mystery books!  But there are some good ones out there, and the cat series I like are all mystery genre), but with a few flights of fancy, making them also in the fantasy/sci-fi category as well.  The other book I own but haven't read yet is the latest paperback in the Joe Grey series - Cat Coming Home.  Another that as soon as I start to read, I have trouble putting it down.

Otherwise, yesterday was also a tired day.  I actually went to bed pretty early - shortly after ten.  Which, according to my body/internal clock, was around 9.  I guess it was a lot of fresh air - it was warm and sun shiny out yesterday, and we spent a lot of time outside with the dogs.  I ended up being too tired to knit much anyway.  I did do several rows on the heel flap of the Sea Cruise sock anyway, though.  But that is all.  Today is starting to shape up as another tiring day - cloudy and grey, and raining - very strength sapping.  Will sure help the snow melt quick, but it was supposed to be part sunny today and I was hoping to set up a pump and drain some of the water out of our yard.  With the dogs packing down the snow, I guess there is ice formed at the base, so the water can't seep into the dry dry dry and likely not frozen due to the  mild winter ground.  And, since part way through the winter, I ended up missing a few days of cleaning dog stuff, well.... I wouldn't mind pumping at least some of the water out of the yard!

I watched Batman and Robin last night - thought I'd seen it before, but I guess I only ever saw parts of it.  There was a lot I didn't recall ever seeing.  Also ended up paying just a little attention to the Amazing Race that DH watches.  I was super touched at the end.... The people who won that part of the race got $5,000 each- and they offered it up to another pair of racers - well, one, who apparently was trying to win the race for his daughter or something - I don't know the back story, but I sure thought it was great of the other guys to share their winnings like that.

So - I think tonight we'll watch the Walking Dead from last night.  Last week, the story went slow in my opinion, but had an interesting enough ending to make me wonder what is coming next. 

So, guess that is it for today.  Need to start thinking up some more blog-fodder.


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