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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I was hoping to be able to blog about a book today.  I got notice from the library that one of the books I'd requested has arrived.  And, since I managed to finish the one I'd been reading and is due back on Friday, and since I had a few errands to run today, that I could blog when I got back from picking up the book.  Then, I went outside, and discovered a flat tire.  :(

Ok, so - changing things up again....

I originally thought I would run my errands, be home by noon at the latest, give a fast perusal to the book, and then post early in the afternoon.  I was able to request a particular book in both older and newer versions, and want to compare them.  I know have both books in my hot little hands, more or less.  But no time to review.

What had happened, was that I discovered the flat.  I was able to pump the tire up enough (we have a small air compressor for such occasions) and still do a couple of the errands before taking the truck in to get the tire fixed.  I asked them about how long it would be.... they said at least three to three and a half hours before they could even LOOK at it.  So, I walked home, and thought I would not be able to do the comparison until tomorrow (if I even got to the library today). 

So, I started typing this post, after getting home, unpacking the groceries, having a bit of lunch-like food, and settling in... the phone rang.  They were unable to fix the tire, it would need replacing.  :(  Well, we need it done, so I said fine.  I didn't even get through that first paragraph up there ^ before the phone rang again - they were done! 

Well, I walked back over, picked up the truck, did a last errand and hit the library....

I now have (though I haven't cracked the cover yet) the new edition of Principles of Knitting.  What I've seen so far of the old edition - I think this needs to be added to my collection.  I will be looking through the new edition, and maybe doing some side-by-side comparisons, this evening and maybe for the next couple days.  Then I'll write up something here, with my opinions (ones I've read on various knitting groups have been favourable) in a few days.

In the meantime - today has been a very long day already - between laundry day and all that walking - I'm about done!  I still need to finish off some laundry stuff, and I need to see if my netbook has spontaneously repaired itself - it had a drink spilled on it last night, and a few of the keys don't work anymore (or at least they didn't after initial attempts to dry it last night).  Hopefully, having had chance to dry thoroughly, they will work again.... (nothing worse than having the few keys not working be a major part of your password to get into the machine!)


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