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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday plans

Well, sort of.  I don't really have many plans.  I have goals... I try to meet those goals.  I sometimes succeed.

So, my plans for today are: (in no particular order) finish the Sea Cruise sock (I'm already on the decreases- wuhoo)  Start organizing notes for patterns I've been writing, start writing/prototype knitting the shawl, rake dry parts of the yard, clean up more dog stuff that was buried under snow, pick up dog toys from yard, soak up sunshine....

We've been having unseasonably warm temperatures the last few days.  So I'm going to try to enjoy them as much as possible!!  Heaven knows, there is enough yard work doing winter clean up.  I still think it too early to do much else - I don't believe this is the real end to winter yet.  We've had pleasant early springs before, but then got a surprise dump of snow.  And since the grass isn't looking like it is shooting up new green sprouts, I'm going to wait a little longer before I break out the shorts and swim suit ;)

Not that I swim much! 

I do need to do some yard cleaning, though.  And, since I love my yard, even though I'm not much of an outdoor person, and since I love spending time with my puppies, I think I'll say the heck with any house work and just enjoy the day outside :)

So... See you tomorrow - maybe with some outside pictures, maybe with some finished sock pictures, or maybe just another quick post (they are forecasting another super nice day tomorrow.)


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