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Monday, March 19, 2012

non gory pictures to illustrate

I have pictures to illustrate my injuries.  They aren't really gory or anything...

This is the left hand - after it happened.

Really hard to see the scratch that is much like a paper cut.  Stung, didn't really hurt.  The bandaid is covering the scrape on the inside of that ring finger. 

Here is the same hand on Sunday:
Really my hand isn't that pink, just that the picture was taken inside.  You can see the scratch better in this one.  At the base of the finger, it doesn't show in either picture because that end of the scratch is in the little creases.  It does go a little bit across the base of the finger, though.

This one is the worst - the most damaged right hand.  My fingers are dirty because I was throwing a ball for the dogs - it would get dog slobber on it, and then roll through the mud...

You can see that it took two band aids to cover the "finger print" damage to the middle finger, but only one for the divot on the ring finger... Yes, I'm sorry, I suppose that might qualify for a bit of goriness - there was so much bleeding, that it kind of seeped through the band aid.  I did get it changed later, and it hasn't been that bad since.  I think I want to get the middle finger bandaids changed, though... just because I need to see if the skin is trying to heal back in  place.  And besides, if the scab sticks to both finger and bandaid, it isn't going to be pleasant....

During the night last night, for some reason, I kept making a fist in my sleep, and waking up in pain.  Didn't get a good rest as a result... May need to resort to painkillers today.

Unfortunately, I don't know when I'm going to be able to knit again.  I so wanted to finish those socks for DH (especially as he's being so super helpful while I hurt) and I so want to start that shawl!!

 Watched the season ender for Walking Dead last night.  Must wait until Fall for the new season!!!  :(  That will be the hard part - withdrawal.  I mean, we're newcomers to the series, and the station had shown from the beginning back to back, so we've been watching it a lot.  Now, though, we have to wait!!  

Oh, well - I'm sure we'll find something to watch for the summer.... we're nearly to the middle of Survivor, then there are things like NCIS and NCIS LA to catch up on...  Plus we signed up for a bunch more movie channels, so there *has* to be something we can both watch.  In some cases, we have very different taste in shows.  I always appreciate when we find something we can enjoy together. 


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