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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Knitting of a different sort

Normally, I can't think of any good titles for my blog posts.  Or, I come up with one.  Today, I could have come up with lots of possibilities!!

So. Yesterday, I only knit one round on the toes of the socks.  And it was very difficult to do that one round.  I'm so glad that I've learned to hold my yarn in either hand to knit with.  Used to be, that I was a "thrower" only.  Held the yarn in my right hand, and "threw it" or wrapped it around the needles.  So many people feel that it is faster to knit with the yarn in the left hand, and "pick" the yarn to make stitches.  I figured out who to knit that way, and got pretty good at it with two handed colourwork, such as fair isle knitting.  I'm still a bit awkward with the purling, but I can knit rather well.  I've even tried working some socks in all left hand holding (I get mixed up, but I *think* it is referred to as continental knitting).  Anyway - I am working on training my hands to handle that sort of knitting.  And that is how I found myself needing to knit last night.

But I still only managed to knit one round.

See.... I didn't do as much yesterday as I thought I would.  I did spend a lot of time outside, and threw the ball for the doggies.  I did manage to get a lot of dog stuff picked up.  But that, and one round of knitting, was just about the only constructive things I did.

It all started with the first trip.  Where DH works, they've been doing some renovations.  Some of the old stuff is being thrown away, sent to the dump.  Some of it is still actually useable.  So, with permission, we've brought some items home.  In this case, it was a three locker set.  You know, like the kind of lockers kids use in school.  Full length, narrow, but still good for holding things.  We were going to put them into our garage to use to store some gardening tools.  So, we went to pick them up.

Despite the large size, the lockers are not that terribly heavy.  So, using our heads, and a two wheeled dolly, we managed to get the lockers unloaded from our truck and into the yard.  (it was a fairly mundane loading, so I'll spare the details - forklifts are such nice toys, lol).  Anyway, this is where everything kind of went wrong.  There is a wire, well, a group of wires, that go from our house to the garage.  They're fairly low.  Well, as these lockers were being moved across the yard, I reminded DH to be careful of the wires.  So, he adjusted direction, and he lowered the dolly as far as he could.  I stepped up behind him to see if I could lift the wires a little, making it easier.  Then....

It all happened so fast....

By the time he said, "look out", I was curled up with one hand squeezing the other to stop the blood flow.  See, what happened was, as I was reaching up, and he was bending lower, the lockers unbalanced and started to fall.  My instinctive reaction was to put my hand out  in front of me.  Somehow, as the lockers fell, they slid down my hand, which was in exactly the right spot to be sliced open by sharp metal edges between the individual lockers... One or two inches over, and I would have been in the middle of the flat "roof" part, and been fine. 

I'm not sure how my left hand got involved in the whole thing, I only remember reaching out with my right hand.  Anyway... the end result is (and if any of you read through all the comments on facebook I made, you'll have seen this little paragraph, 'cause I copy/pasted this so I didn't have to write it twice) , that the inside of the knuckle on my right hand ring finger has a hole in roughly this shape () that is about half inch high, quarter inch wide. The "meat" and skin is gone.* The middle finger, the top fleshy part, has another gash of roughly the same shape, but the skin didn't come all the way off. It is about an inch in length. My left hand, and I'm still not sure how or why it got involved, has a slight graze type cut to the inside of the knuckle on the ring finger. There is also what resembles a paper cut that goes from the base of my thumb across the palm to the base of the ring finger. No, I didn't go to the hospital, don't know what more they could have done besides wrap bandages around my fingers. I changed the band aid over the smaller hole in my right hand, as that one was totally blood soaked, last night. I'm thinking I should change the other ones covering the middle finger today.... *funny story about this bit - when I was trying to clean up my hand enough to see what was what, and wiping up blood, I saw loose skin on another finger. Attempted to pat it with a cloth to see what damage, and it rolled off the finger... realized later this was the missing chunk...

I took pictures (after the band aids were put on), but not sure how they've turned out.  This morning, the paper-cut like slice on the left hand did seep some blood out, so the line shows now.  It looks now more like as if I'd cut it with a paring knife - you know the kind of cut - that is just a little deeper than a scratch, but not deep enough to even bother with a band aid for.  I'll probably take more pictures later, for comparison.

Ironic, in a way... I managed to knit a good bit of a sweater with a cast on one hand (left), but can't knit much without excruciating pain due to some cuts on my right hand....  In terms of severity, I'd have to say that a broken bone is worse than losing a piece or two of skin....

I think I might have gone into a bit of mild shock, too - DH couldn't get my hands to stop shaking while he bandaged my hand for me... and he helped wash it up and clean up (bathroom sink was red, so was one of our facecloths.  I'm amazed he got it white again!  though I did mention to use cold not hot water, so I was still thinking straight). 

I also  have to say... You know how on some of those crime shows, the investigators talk about the criminals cutting the fleshy tips of their fingers to remove their fingerprints.... Well, if that is true, then the criminals are *F*CKING* insane.... Really.  I can't believe the pain!!! 

Anyway, I'm off to the store to buy myself some rubber gloves (thought I had some) so I can do things like wash dishes and wash my hair.  These band aids that I have tend to let go rather quickly when they get wet.  Besides, who wants to smoosh soap and shampoo and potential icky dishwater into open wounds? 


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