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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lovely Lunch

I met a very dear friend for lunch today.  The food was good, but the company was *fabulous* :)  I always enjoy getting together with her.  We used to work together; and that is one huge thing I miss about work. 

The hand is healing nicely.  Better than I thought it would.  I even took a picture of one finger without the bandage on it.  I might just take a pic of the other one soon - it really doesn't look so bad anymore.

I might even have an idea of things to write about, besides the hand thing.  And the TV show things.  Really, I'm sure you don't need a daily report about the hand, and my TV reviews are somewhat - well, I don't want to say too much about a show, in case someone else is as lazy about keeping up with story lines and such as I sometimes am, so I don't do any spoilers.   I know that the week we didn't watch Walking Dead, planning to watch it the next day, that I "heard" about part of the story line on Facebook, and DH heard some people talking at work.  So, that kind of spoiled it a bit for both of us. 

Last night, we discovered there was still a new episode of The River.  I have to say... DH and I disagree on that one.  I was just thinking how that show started out so great, then went steadily down-hill, when he said, "Oh, good, the show is finally getting interesting". 

Anyway, I am trying to catch up on Once Upon a Time.  Good thing I had the PVR thing programmed to catch every episode - the way they bounce that one and skip weeks, I almost forgot about it.  Discovered 3 taped shows... I keep meaning to go check Ravelry, to see if anyone else noticed all the cool knitted items in the show.  I'm not much of a tam or hat wearer, but there have been some really nice lace ones, and a couple good cable ones lately.  And a few sweaters that look "doable". 

So, hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to babble on about something other than my hand or TV shows.  And I really really really hope I can start knitting or crocheting again soon - Between nearly being finished the socks, and really loving to knit...

Of course, I *do* have some books I could try reading instead.  Except that you can knit and watch TV, but reading and watching don't always work...


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