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Saturday, March 31, 2012

CATS and Dogs

Had a great time.  Loved spending the time with oldest GD.  We both enjoyed the show.

I was disappointed with the souvenir stand... I confess, a major factor in my going to the show a second time was to buy what I stupidly didn't last time.  I wanted to get a t-shirt and mug.  My biggest decision was going to be whether to get a t-shirt with the cast picture, or one with the title and eyes.  And, I was going to buy a souvenir program for GD.

Well, there were/are three shows.  Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening.  We were there quite early (I left lots of travel, traffic, parking, and crowd time - turns out, I over compensated, lol) so I managed to be first in line for purchases... I asked about the program - had already discovered they had no mugs :(.   Turned out that *ALL* they had were t-shirts (one style), toques, baseball caps, sunglasses, CD's, DVD's, and posters, *while supplies last* - the guy admitted they didn't have many of some of the stuff...  Well, I would have liked a DVD, but at $50, I just didn't have the cash with me (still needed to pay for parking).  GD got a pair of sunglasses instead of the non-existent program, and I got my t-shirt and a CD.  I almost didn't, but then thought I would kick myself for the next however long like I did the last time over the shirt and mug.  I can always pick up a DVD later via Chapters.

What struck me, though, was how the guy had said, they didn't have much of some of the items - - - This was "opening night".  I was first in line.  There were still all the other people, plus the next two shows....

Why did they not have more merchandise?

I'm just left shaking my head....

Otherwise, though, I was struck anew with what a gem we have in our city with our Concert Hall.  Well maintained, great acoustics, great visual appeal from the moment you walk in the door...

Now, for the dog portion of my post ;)

My second oldest GK, or middle GD, spent the day with me yesterday.  She's 11.  So, at one point during the day, she asked if Delko and Lady both came from the same place .  I told her, no, that Lady came from Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue.  She proceeded to tell me that she had talked to her friends, and to the principal of her school, and they will be holding a bake sale in May, and donating the proceeds to D'Arcy's A.R.C. in honour of Delko.  She took a picture of him with her ipod (they can do that now, and so much more than just play music!!!!) and was asking me more questions... Did I know how many people he'd rescued, or their names or anything.....

So, I taught her the difference between a rescue dog and a search and rescue dog... If anything, it made her more determined to help :)


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