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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Last night

Last night, I went all evening and overnight (and all day so far) without a bandaid on the finger.  :)  It is still a little sore, and I think the scab isn't ready to come off yet, but otherwise, it's doing fine.  I should take a picture...

I also got busy trying to knit on the shawl.  Couldn't find the paper that I'd jotted down my gauge notes on, so ended up casting on too many stitches.  Oh, well - frogging tonight and redoing the cast on during Survivor!

It has been several days since I posted any pictures.  So, I think I'll show this one I took a couple weeks ago, early in the morning.  I found it interesting, because normally in March we still have cold and snow.  But this year, we have been having a great mild winter, and a warm sunny March (and now April).  So, I was a little surprised to find...
Hopefully, you can see those.


Not the kind that knitters and crocheters and spinners fear - just ordinary everyday moths.  A few different types, but still, the kind that eat leaves as caterpillars, and nectar as adults.  Strange to see them so early in the year, and early in the morning.  They hung around for a few days.  A couple found their way into the house, but the dogs and cats took care of them.

So - today is another of those gorgeous sunny warm days, so I'm not going to write much more.  But I'll take a picture of my hand... :)  See you tomorrow!


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