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Monday, April 02, 2012

Short post...

I'm running out of things to say when I don't get any knitting done. :(

I guess I could tell about how I know my doggies love me.  :)  I know they love their Daddy, too - when he comes home from work, they bark and jump and try to lick him.  They're very excited to see him come home.

Well, when I go out to run errands, they are happy to see me come home, too.  And if I run out to the store when Daddy is home, they seem to be fine.  But, the other night, when I went to CATS, well...

Apparently they were fine for a while, but then they went outside.  Lady lay by the gate, and neither of them wanted to come back in... Finally, DH managed to drag them into the house.  He convinced them to join him on the couch... they didn't last there for long.  They just lay by the back door... waiting...

When I got home, well - I got the full excitement treatment.  Delko was jumping and licking and wiggling and jumping... Lady - barking her face off, bouncing around, and giving me one of her hugs... Tail going a mile a minute!  I think I've described Lady's hugs before...

She is a dominant type dog.  Dominant type dogs will sometimes "mount" other dogs - doesn't matter if they are male or female.  Adapted to dog/human interaction, a dominant dog will "jump up" on people, trying to get higher.  So, because I'm a relatively short person, Lady would try to get her paws up on my shoulders, and would try to pull me down... So, I turned it around on her.  I would lift her hind end off the ground, taking the control away from her.  And I attached a command to it, turning it into "a hug".  Now, I get a hug every morning, and as a greeting sometimes.

I only wish I'd thought it through a little more....

It was a lot more fun when she was 9 months old, and slightly underweight... Now that she's full grown, and "ideal" weight for her frame... (45 pounds last year at her vet appointment - will let you know what she weighs when she and Delko go back for their yearly check up end of this month or first week or so of May) Well, let's just say, that it is a good thing that I'm strong for my size!


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