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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter.

So, I learned something last night.  Making a knitting chart isn't as easy when you add in some shaping...

I'm basically making a rectangular shawl, but it does have a bit of shaping on the edging, and a bit on the ends.  Not anything drastic, just some angles. And, because of the particular edging, I find it necessary to chart the return rows - adding to my confusion...

And on row 6, despite having unknit the entire row, I seem to have one more stitch than I should have... I may reknit the entire row again, working from the master chart, because part of the issue is the chart fitting on one page of pdf.  :P

Instead of us going to see kids today, kids came here.  They were a bit antsy, and bickering among themselves.  Mostly the same as usual.  But because it wasn't yet warm out, they were a bit cooped up inside.  If we'd been able to be in the yard, they could have run off some of that excess energy.  They were all happy with their gifts, though.

Well... Guess that's it for now.  Would be warm out - the sun coming in the window is gorgeous - but there is a strong nippy wind out there,making it too unpleasant to be out.  :P


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