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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Green and Charts

Well, I got the chart done.  It needs some finessing; I need to fix a couple things.  But I basically have the chart completed for the first section.  I may still do another repeat - depends on how it looks once it is knit up.  I also have to make sure I have a couple procedures correct in my head (make one left and right - knitting stitches) and I still haven't grabbed the scrap yarn to test which double decrease I want to use (there are at least three that I could do - knit three together; slip one, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over; or slip two stitches, knit one, pass two slipped stitches over).  Otherwise, I might just be able to start knitting on the shawl tonight.

Now, for the green...

I've shared before about garbage.  About how we Reduce waste (I buy in bulk frequently, I do pay attention to excess packaging, I do try to use things up as much as possible) Reuse stuff (I just emptied a couple of dog treat containers, that got washed and will be used for holding other items; I wash and reuse margarine and sour cream and etc. plastic container for leftovers; I take the newspapers to an animal shelter for the dogs; I use the flyers for packaging, and so on) Recycle (whatever I can't reuse, or after it's been used to its limit, I toss into the recycling box; I repurpose or recycle various items around the house for other things).  I compost, which is a form of recycling, I think...

Well, now - yesterday, among the yard work we did (less in some ways than I wanted to, but the day was windy, making some chores more difficult) we built a rain barrel.  Ok, technically, "building a rain barrel" doesn't sound complicated, or whatever - strictly speaking, a "rain barrel" is a barrel used to collect rain.  But what I mean is, we took a big plastic barrel (that was used before for other purposes) and put two holes in the side, and one in the lid.  There was one hold put in the bottom, and a spigot was installed in this hole.  The second hole was near the top, and we used an old garden hose (repurposing a leaking hose instead of just throwing it out) that we cut a piece off on the bottom so we could fill a small pail or watering can, and the balance of the hose we put through the top hole, and then ran it along the side of the house to the front yard.  Our front yard gets a lot of shelter from rain, especially later in the summer when the trees are in full leaf.  So, it doesn't do so well, unless we water it.  The third hole we made was in the lid of the barrel, so we could put a downspout from our eave trough into the barrel, and the lid keeps most "junk" out of the barrel, as well as keeping out mosquitoes so they don't breed.

So - we will now have an additional or supplemental source of water for our garden this year.  I didn't take a picture, but I will...

Our next "project" will be a potato tower.


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