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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite TV shows.  I actually get the jokes, and understand most of what they are talking about.  Now and again, they make a reference to something I need to look up, but they usually explain things rather well (and yes, a lot of them I already knew, but still appreciate the clear explanations).

However, that is not what I am referring to in this case.  No, the Big Bang I mean, is the one I heard this  morning.  At first, I thought it might be a large truck or other vehicle (we are close to a bus route) hitting something or going over a bump or pothole in the road.  We're also close to an airport, so the noise might have come from there.  And the local air base is just past the airport (logical location).  But, the other possibility, was since it is so wet today, there may have been a hydro transformer malfunction or hydro pole fire.  Of course, since the computer was still on, and the fridge running, it was obviously not that.  Plus - and remembering that thoughts travel much faster than the time it takes you to read and me to write all this - DH, who took today and Monday as holidays, mentioned the TV was out... which also meant that the internet was also down.  So, since some of my morning routine pages were already open, I was able to finish off working with those pages.  Well, more or less - I couldn't follow links or download anything.  But I didn't get to do the other stuff I normally do.

Instead, I shut down, and decided to attack the back log of dishes.  Next was the usual Friday errands.  Because of a particularly great sale at the grocery store for last week, though, I had been to the store yesterday, and picked up nearly everything on the "urgently needed" list.  So, since the current flyers have not been delivered yet (they normally arrive Thursday evenings, but lately I've been lucky to get them by Monday evening... when they are nearly expired), I really wasn't sure what all was needed... except, I didn't realize I was nearly out of garlic, and the dog food is also low.  So, even though I wasn't positive about the dog food without being able to compare flyers, I knew I couldn't wait a few days to get it, so, I just went with the flow...

Anyway, last week or the one before, we got a "summer" flyer from the grocery store we shop at.  They are featuring summer items - picnic sets, chairs, patio umbrellas, BBQ's, etc.  We have a BBQ, but it is on its last legs.  We did try to fix it up, but since it is an older model, the parts aren't available.  We figured it might just make it through another summer, so we were going to watch for the clearance of BBQ's to replace it.

Well, this flyer came, and had several models of BBQ's featured.  Some of them are so big and fancy, you could use them for a restaurant... They also had a couple of smaller, "cheap" ones.  And I do mean, small and cheap.... Now, there are only two of us.  We don't need anything too fancy. But we also don't want something that will only last a year or two, either.  So, we saw one that was advertised for $199.  Reasonable price... Looked OK from the picture.  We were going to wait and watch for the clearance.  I was at the store earlier this week (I hate to admit it, but lately, things have happened that in addition to my once a week shopping, I've found myself running out for a  few things here and there this week -  partly because the delay in getting the flyer, I don't find out until after the weekly shopping that there was a good deal - such as a case of 12 cans of a brand name soup for 4.98 - less than 50 cents a can when regular price per can is around 1.50.  So, of course I had to grab a case or two of the canned soups we use in cooking.  Mostly, I make my own soup for eating.  And I'm slowly working away from using processed food for the most part.  But, using a can of mushroom soup in a recipe for a "quick sauce" or using a can of tomato soup in chili is still acceptable to me for now.  I do prefer to eat my homemade cream of mushroom soup, and I do have recipes to make tomato soup if I can ever get a decent garden full of tomatoes again.  But in the meantime... getting a deal on soup made the extra trips worth it.  And, even though I could have waited until the regular shopping day for other stuff, I was at the store, so I picked up other stuff.  Which is why I only needed garlic and dog food today.  But, I had meant to look at the BBQ while I was at the store earlier.  Pictures and written descriptions really don't give you a true idea of what an item is like - what does it look like when you open the lid? How tall is it?  What does the cooking surface look like?  How big is it?  There was a write up about how many square inches it is, but really, what does that mean???

So, I remembered when I was there yesterday, grabbing a couple more cases of soup (they made a limit of two, and besides, I know sometimes DH likes canned store bought chicken noodle soup, and this name brand is the only one that isn't so full of grease to make it unpalatable.)  I had a look at the BBQ, lifted the lid, looked it over good, came home and told DH I fell in love with it.  After I'd described it.

Today, since we were running errands together, we both looked at the demo 'Q.  He was as impressed as I was.  We debated, briefly (actually this part we did at home before we went out) whether to buy today or wait for the sale... we decided to go for it, and when I went to find where the boxed ones were... there was ONLY ONE left!  Yes, it is possible there might have been more at one of the other locations, and possible there might be some left when the clearance prices started up, etc. etc. BUT - we definitely were glad we went today, this morning, and had decided to not wait....

Oh, and we have our TV and internet back now, too :)


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