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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Did it again....

I came up with a great idea of what I could blog about, but it was while I was out doing a couple of errands... now I don't remember a thing!!

Sometimes, I think, it's because I have these thoughts and ideas and crap rolling around in my head.  Journalling  and or blogging is supposed to help to sort out those thoughts, vent, clear up stuff, and generally keep one mentally healthy.  So, when I'm doing some things, and allowing my mind to "compose" a blog post, I think the end result is accomplished. I've sorted my thoughts, organized them, and no longer need to write about them.

Oh, well...

I can tell you that I found the error.  It took me the whole evening to do.  See, because I'm excited about the shawl, and suffering knitter's block on the socks, and trying to organize and clean my house, I don't really have any other projects to do at the moment...  Or at least, not mindless or semi-mindless projects.  I *could* have knit the "purl back" row while watching Survivor last night - if I'd been able to fix the row during the news... But between a latish supper, and one of those evenings where every time I started to count out and look at the stitches, my dear, sweet, loving husband decided to talk to me, or ask me a question of some sort... After Survivor, the same thing... he suddenly became very talkative last night!  So, after he went to be, I found the missing yarn over in a very short short time... but I was too tired to bother to do anything else after!!

It really wasn't that simple of an error in the first place... I had dropped the stitch just above a double decrease.  In trying to save it, the cat pulled my needle... So, while fixing that bit of mess, I had managed to mess up the decrease a bit.  When I did the further row, it was apparent that there was a problem.  So, I undid my knitting to the row that was messed up, but in doing so, I managed to fix the decrease.  So, I really didn't need to rip back as much as I did the second time... a simple counting would have caught the dropped yarn over...

Anyway, I'm back to being ready to knit away... And I think I figured out a simple way to fix my bead issue.  I wanted to have a few more beads, but wasn't sure how to add them... But now, when I do the second repeat of the pattern, I can put in additional beads, and it will work for the theme!  I think I know which stitches to add the beads to get the look I want...

And I'm now sure that I want to do a third repeat.  I may find myself buying another couple balls of yarn... the yardage is not as high as most lace yarns per ball.  I only hope that there is still some of the same dyelot left!  If not, I might be able to make that work, though... We'll see.

Oh, and I promised to share a link to the other mystery knit along...

I think I'll offer this shawl pattern of mine as a Yahoo group - I still don't know how people do the thing where they share a pdf on a blog.  But I can do it in a Yahoo group.  I might even start publishing parts of the pattern before I finish.. no, I don't think that is a good idea after all - I just finished saying I'm not sure of the yardage.  Silly me!  I'm thinking of making it a free pattern, but I could sure use the extra cash... I'm still an "unknown" designer, though, so I should keep my patterns free a little longer. :)


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