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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Looks like I managed to forget again yesterday. (now there are four days of not blogging since January first... )

I was going to talk about how I didn't make much knitting progress on Friday night, since we had unexpected, though not unpleasant, company.  I did, though, play around with the chart, and did enough knitting to figure out the bead issue.  :) I'm very pleased with what I'm getting now.

Last night, though, I had another set back.  The count seems to be off by one, in the edging section.  I need to fix that up before I go any further... :(

Today is a gray cloudy miserable day... yesterday started out that way, with rain, too, but the sun came out late afternoon, and it ended off a gorgeous day.  We spent some time outside with the puppies.  And I peeked into the rain barrel...  we are about an inch from the overflow!

I'm thinking now of a mixed blessing - all that water that didn't go down to seep into the basement - but on the other hand, that water is not flowing into the ground around the basement.  Too dry, and the house will shift...

But then I realized, we can control that by simply opening the bottom valve, and allowing the water to just run into the ground - enough to keep it moist, but not so much to cause the seepage problem :)

So, today's plans - to get a few things done around the house, then to get the shawl moving forward just a little faster :)   I still need to play around  a bit with the chart, add the top edging to the master chart.  I think I might be able to rechart the whole thing, once the written directions are done, without the "no stitch" squares - the first bit won't "look like" the knitting, but we're talking some 30-ish rows... I'll have to see.  Otherwise, I could simply offer the pattern with the chart(s) not starting until the ends have been established...

I still need to figure out whether I'm really going to just graft in the middle, or take a crack at reversing the pattern at the other end... the thing is, there will need to be some mirroring stuff happen - because there is a top edge and a bottom edge to the shawl, the edging will be on the left of one end, but the right of the other, if I go with the center graph.  If I don't, though, then some of the patterning will have to have decreases reversed, etc....

Decisions, decisions...

And I think I need to come up with a slightly less involved project for some of the TV watching times...

We watched a couple of episodes of Grimm on Friday - getting very exciting and interesting.

And we watched the first two of four parts of a mini-series about the Titanic.  It's being told from differing points of view, and that is leaving it somewhat confusing... a bit of bouncing around in events, overlaps of people interacting... I'm glad we didn't watch it first run - waiting a week between episodes would have really left us confused!!  Not sure just when we'll watch the next two - probably tomorrow or Tuesday, since those are the "dead" nights for TV.  (I get confused too, about the NCIS shows  - they are on one station first run, and reruns on another station, but on the two consecutive nights, and I always mix up which is which.  Time I guess to check and search and set the PVR)

So - that catches us up for the two days!


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