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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No picture, but making better progress

Nothing else really to talk about, but the shawl is coming along now.  I did have some issues with the top edging, and the stitch count vs the chart stitch count.  Once I realized my simple mistake, I was fine.  And, I didn't have to unknit two whole rows to figure it out, either, lol...

I did run into another frustration, though.  I went in search of a photo I'd saved to go with the pattern, but then couldn't find it anywhere.  So, I googled, and couldn't find it either... Found some possible substitutions, but really want the first one.  Nearly all the companion photos for the project are my own, but while planning some stuff, I wanted to confirm something, so I googled.  I found an excellent picture, that illustrated exactly what I wanted to convey, so I did what I could to source the picture for appropriate permission to use and credit.  Unfortunately, despite best efforts, I was unable to.  So, I figured, I would go ahead an use it anyway, with the appropriate explanations of sourcing.

But now I don't know where I put it.  :(

Otherwise - I will get a few more rows done tonight, and for sure get a picture of the progress.

I keep getting excited, and want to start sharing the pattern, but I'm not sure of the yardage needed yet, so I don't want to disappoint anyone.  I mean, I don't think it matters that the whole will be a work in progress while people start on the beginning, but it would be nice for people to have enough yarn :)  The good news is, that when I reach the halfway point, I will know exactly how much I'll need to finish. :)

Ok.  Sorry about the no picture thing... will try to get one soon.


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