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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Small improvements

Today is a better day.  I'm still not accomplishing much, especially basement-wise, and last night, I opted to watch some of the recorded shows instead of paying attention to fixing the row of knitting.  BUT - today, I'm making jambalaya for supper, and some soup.

I bought some chickens the other day.  Three whole chickens for $19 and change.  Took the breast meat off two of them, and barbecued it up to test the new machine.  Then, today, I cut up the rest of those two birds, and the third into pieces.  Have bags with 6 thighs, 12 wing parts, and 4 drumsticks in the freezer.  The two other drumsticks, two breast pieces, and whatever other big enough bits of meat I cut up for the jambalaya.  The rest of the skin, fat, bones and scrap went into a pot, got covered with water, some chopped up onion, garlic, and celery and salt was added, and it is simmering away on the back of my stove.  Pretty good deal, in my opinion - the jambalaya will be two or three meals (only the second time I made it, so we still do the over-eating pig out thing), the BBQ chicken the other day, the parts in the freezer will be two more meals, and the stock will become all kinds of good stuff.

So far, the truck is still running good, and the sewer isn't backing up yet.  Toilet flushing makes a gurgly sound, which is not good, but at least not coming up.  We've learned the hard way that to ignore the gurgles and slow drain for too long results in big problems.  So, now, we take it as early warning system, and make arrangements to get it taken care of.  Which is why I'm moving stuff around.  At least, though, things will move forward again, instead of stalling.

With the weather improving, I can start clearing things out.  I have, over time, slowly worked toward the goal of decluttering (though I'm running out of clutter; honestly, "clutter" is stuff you don't want or need.  My problem is space for the stuff I *do* want and need...) and getting rid of things I really don't want or need anymore.  BUT - where do I put that stuff in the meantime?  Summer is easy - I can take a box of stuff to the thrift store without trouble.  Winter, yeah, I can take it, BUT.... First, I have to make sure there is no snow in the back of the truck (or at lease a space with little snow). Then, it means warming up the truck - let it run so there is less wear and tear on the engine and the cab is comfortable and windows clear - those of you who live in warmer climates, you know how you can make frost on a glass by chilling it, then letting the humidity hit the glass?  Well, that is a daily occurrence for those of us with cold winters... Anyway, after all that, bundle up, put boots and coats and hats and mitts etc. on, just to deliver a box about a half mile away...

Summer, still a bit of a "chore", but much quicker and easier.

So - I just got word via Facebook that the rescue that I got my gorgeous Mr. D. from is going to be accepting donations for their yard sale any time after May 1.  The sale is the first weekend in June.  So, now I can set up a box for them, a box for thrift store, and a box for Freecycle.  I did mention last night that the box of jars went quickly.  But a bag of plastic ware is still here.... I guess that will go to the thrift store.

Well, my timer is beeping, so I'd best see if it is time to add the shrimps :)  Mmmmm...shrimmmmppssssss.... :)


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