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Friday, April 27, 2012

Progress, shawl, comments

So, I made a little progress in the basement.  I actually cleared a few things up.  Boxed up all the jars, and posted them on Freecycle.  I was very clear they were from the basement, and would need to be cleaned... they were claimed in less than five minutes, and picked up this morning at around 8:30.  :)

I didn't do anything today, though, in the basement.  I took the truck in to be checked... they tested the electricals, and couldn't get the truck to not start.  So they don't know what is wrong, until it doesn't start again.  Good thing I have the number for our favourite tow truck driver programmed into my cell phone.  Bad thing, that we actually *have* a favourite tow truck driver...

The shawl.  I fixed the row -well, sort of.  I found the problem - at the very start of the row.  The rows aren't that long.  Three border stitches, 97 pattern stitches, three border stitches, then a varying edge - from as little as 6 stitches up to 17. (I think, going from memory at the moment, too lazy to go find the notes)  I had tried to take the row back, but wasn't sure how far before the mistake, so I had to trace.... now I have to finish ripping back, then reknit.  Of course this is a beaded row, so I have to move all the beads, too.  I've also noticed a bit of a pattern...

See, I knit a row, and everything works by the time I get to the end.  Then, I do the return, where I purl 97 stitches... the count works. Then, I knit the next row, and there is a problem.  I rip back, to discover a missing yarn over in the previous row.  Yet, when I purled back, they were all there.  So, I'm beginning to wonder if it is the yarn - I've mentioned it is thick and thin, and I've had it break a couple times.  I wonder if the yarnovers are somehow jumping off the needle, or pulling the purled stitch off or something...

I'm going to have to track it a little closer for a while.

Now, the comments.  Yesterday, I had referred a friend to look at my blog, to go look back when I'd shared the pictures of the kitchen.  I wondered if she would leave a comment at some point.  Of course, it isn't essential that she does, since we're in touch on Facebook, too.  But, another friend told me today, via Facebook, that she didn't think her comments on my blog worked.  Well, they didn't.  And, if you are a regular reader,  you know that another of my friends had emailed me directly because her comments weren't going through a month or so ago.

I don't want to take the moderation off, really.  When I started this blog, I got major spam comments in the first week.  So, I turned on the moderation thing.  That was a few years ago, now, and Blogger has changed the interface stuff, so I don't even know if I can turn it off now.  But, if my friends aren't able to post, then I'd rather have to delete the odd spam comment instead of having my friends shut out.

So - that will be a project for the next few days - try to figure out how to unmoderate the blog comments.  See if that makes it easier for people.... Oh, and I also have yet another friend who subscribed to my blog, and she mentioned that she was not getting the notices that I'd posted.  So, I don't know for sure if she has been busy, been reading, or blissfully unaware that I've been trying to post every day!  (Yeah, I know, I have missed a few, and nearly missed today... )

Well, off to see about fixing that row. :)  Yes, I'm feeling a little better today.  Even though today didn't go well- not getting the truck fixed, doing my shopping errands (and picking up two cans of tomatoes, thinking they were the same, but one had been stuck on the wrong shelf and I didn't find out till I got home, and I forgot to pick up some things, even though two of the three forgotten were written on my list), knowing I should have and in hind-sight could have still gone to get my hair cut and see my chiro.... Realizing that part of my edginess has to do with the goings on in the neighbourhood - a house is being built down the street, so there is a lot of droning of heavy equipment and banging and buzzing that is rubbing my nerves the wrong way.  Just far enough away to be low background noise, but close enough to reverberate through every bone in my body.  I think it is disturbing the dogs, too, because they've been running around the yard, barking at nothing, but in all corners of the yard.  So, my day wasn't perfect.  BUT - sitting around talking with DH this evening, we were reminiscing about some things from childhood, and talking about the grandson coming for a visit, and DJ was talking about visiting *his* grandparents, and he mentioned something that left me giggling.  Don't know exactly why it seems so funny, but it put me in a good enough mood to make this post.  Apparently, his grandparents owned a small dog, and they lived in an apartment, and (now this goes back many many many years) because they lived so high in the building, instead of going downstairs, they would take the dog to the roof to do its business.... The images in my mind about what happened to said business just set me off giggling.

Ok, enough of this silliness!  It's late, and I do want to tackle that row before I fall asleep!  :)


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